Monday, October 5, 2015

Seattle or Bust. So far, Bust...

Seattle Half Marathon Training 2015 Week 1

9/28: 5 miles. 47 min new shoes
9/29: TM and weights. 2 miles total. Old shoes. 40 min total. See below. 

9/30: rest (sick)
10/1: rest (sick)
10/2: rest (sick)
10/3: rest (sick)
10/4: rest (sick) 

9/28 details:

4 rounds 
5 power cleans, 
5 hang cleans,         
10 push press.

Well. That is certainly not how I expected to spend my first training week. I felt strong both Monday and Tuesday and was happy to finally be running in my new shoes, but things started going south Tuesday night. I kept asking everyone if they were freezing (they were not), and I was super achy. 

Chimes of doom. 

I figured maybe it was just from my early morning workouts, and the wonky weather we have been having the last couple of weeks. But I woke up Wednesday massively congested and coughing, so I took it easy and slept in and ended up skipped the rest of my early morning sessions. I felt pretty crappy all week, and the only things that saved me were early bedtimes and those breathe rite strips (uh maaaaaaazing invention). I was able to get a solid, 7,8 hours most nights which felt fantastic. I think sleeping and resting is really what I needed to kick this cold in the ass. 

I am frustrated lately with my health. On paper it seems like I'm doing everything right to take care of myself (except for too much sugar shup up) but I've been sick twice in one month, and I'm tired of it! My diet is pretty consistent and I've been exercising and sleeping better in the last month and a half than I have all summer. I'm guessing (hoping) that it's just due to school starting and the kids acting as petrie dishes of germs when they're at school. 2 out of 3 kids, and 1 out of 2 adults have been sick, and while I'm hoping J and W escape this round of illness, I'm not placing my bets just yet. 

Here's to week 2 of training. Hoping in can complete a full week successfully! 

Let's do this, Monday. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Last week. Lift more, Run less. My new shoes are pretty!

9/21: 3 miles, treadmill
9/22: Strength/2 mile TM
9/24: Rest
9/25: Rest
9:26: 5 miles. TM. 48:47. Strength 
9/27: Strength
See below for workout specifics: 

5 rounds 
5 reps-
Added .75 miles to hit 2 miles total. 30 min workout 

3 rounds

21 kb swings
12 burpees

Then. 12-9-12
Hang cleans

9/26: 5 miles. 
5 rounds
5 power cleans
5 front squats
5 push press

5 rounds
10 DB cleans #20
10 squat and press
10 burpees

Not a ton of running his week. My pretty new shoes came in on Friday so I got a short 5 mile run in on Saturday. Hoping to take these out for a spin this weekend, but I've been coughing and congested since Sunday, so I'm contemplating keeping it indoors. 

Monday was officially training day 1 for this cycle. Goal race is the Seattle Half Marathon, from which I hold my half PR of 2 hrs on a dot. Looking back, I definitely think I could have gone sub 2, but I was pretty conservative in the first half. Overall, I was pretty pleased with my performance, but am hoping for improvement this time around. 

Another goal, after this race, is to continue consistent training through 2016. Running tends to fall to the wayside after December, but I'm determined to keep it a constant in my life. Running and weights. Let's go. 

Also, trying to really cut back on the sugar. Damn you, Costco bag of dark chocolate covered pretzel thins.

So. Lookit mah pretty shewz!

I paid $5 more for the purple color combo. Totally worth it. 

*Tuesday and Sundays workouts courtesy of The Blonde Ponytail

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week before Week One

9/14: Strength
9/15: 4 miles. TM
9/16: TM/strength
9/17:  Yoga, vinyasa flow 1 hr
9/18: Rest
9/19: Strength 35 min
9/20: Strength 25 min


Nothing too exciting. Got in 4 measly miles and then decided to take a run break for the rest of the week. 

I really wanted to run at least 6 miles Saturday but the back of my knee and my hamstring was strangely tender after Tuesday,  so I decided not to run for the rest of the week, and to also limit my squatting. Yoga helped to stretch out my legs but I was still feeling slightly achy. Luckily I was still able fit in a great workout on Saturday morning. I'm pleased that I decided to open my types of training to things other than running, and I'm definitely starting to feel the benefits of incorporating variety into my routine. Plus, it helps me from getting bored and so both my mind and body benefit. 

Here are a couple workout recaps:

9/19 workout 

5 rounds
10 DB snatches #20 (each side)
10 clean and press #50
10 burpees

Oohweeee sweaty!

Resting my hamstring. Need new shoes!A

9/20: Last minute workout, 25 min. 

Woke up and was busy trying to tackle laundry and make my daughter a traditional birthday breakfast of Korean seaweed soup. 

However, we had a couple hours of time between church and dinner out with my family, so I treated the kids to some tv time so. I could squeeze in a workout. I didn't want to run in the treadmill and get super sweaty, since I didn't have time for a shower before leaving, so I just basically made up this workout. 

4 rounds 

10 overheard pulls. Not sure of weight.       Just what was on the machine.
10 push press, #45
10 bent rows #15 each
10 goblet squats #20

1 round - same exercises, 15 reps each

5 rounds total. 

It was a quick workout but I was still glad to fit something in. 

10 Half Marathon training doesn't technically start for another week, so I'm just going to keep mixing it up this week until then. 

I am certain no one really reads this but that's ok! I just like writing down my weekly updates. It helps to look back and see where I am/was/want to be. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I work out.

9/7: 4 miles, walk. Squats and burpees
9/8: 6 miles. Outside 58+ min. Slog city
9/9: Strength - 25 min. 
9/10: Strength/TM. 35 min
9/11: Rest
9/12: Strength, 35 min.
9/13: 4 miles - 2 slow miles w D. 2 miles walking, hills 


5 rounds 

5 back squats
10 hang cleans
10 push press
10 single arm barbell row (each arm)

Ended w 10 burpees


Strength. 25 min
400m treadmill, 
3 rounds 

10 goblet squats - #20
10 reserve grip pulldowns
10 barbell rows 
10 bent knee deadlifts (hard . so hard!)
10 weighted lunges (each leg) 

800m treadmill - total of 1 mi. 



5 rounds:

10 DB cleans, #20, each arm
10 squat and press
10 burpees

I thought Friday night would be the genius opportunity to clean out part of the garage, which then turned into the purge of the century. So, currently my garage is in disarray, which means the treadmill is folded up against the wall and thus out of commission. The elliptical is blocked by boxes, so there goes my home cardio options. However, J left just enough room for the weight machine and free weights, so I was able to at least get in a pretty sweaty working on Saturday. Who knew weight lifting could make the sweat drip off your nose? This week's workouts left me with pretty sore legs, so despite the lack of cardio, I felt pretty good! Ended w some light running/walking, plus some girl catch up time on Sunday to round out the week.

A strange thing happened on Tuesday. It was the first day of school for the kids, and every year I take this day off. I didn't wake up early enough to run, but found that I had some time in the afternoon right after the kids were out of school. Now, in the last couple of years I've definitely become a morning runner but I do think it is good to mix it up and adapt to changes, so what better way than to run in the humid afternoon sun? Hmm. My not favorite. 

I struggled through six slow miles, and ended up stopping a few (million) times during the last two miles. However, the oddest phenomenon occurred in the hour I was out there - I didn't hate it. Usually during a tough run, I just loathe the moment, the mere act of running, attempting to be a runner. I have crazy and irrational "I should just give up running" thoughts, and just feel pretty discouraged by my slogginess (totally a word). But! But!  On Tuesday, I just felt happy to be out on the roads, pounding the pavement. Just shows how much of our struggle is mental. Although, don't get me wrong, physically it is always still pretty difficult. Puff huff.

Half marathon training starts next week!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Just another week

8/31: Weights/TM 20 min.
9/1:  Weights/TM 30 min.
9/2: TM/ weights 40 min..
9/3: Off/Rest. Sick at home. Boo.
9/4: Rest. Sick at home. 
9/5: Weights/ TM 30+ min.
9/6: 4 miles, TM. 37+min


Last week, I lamented how I start the week slow but then ramp up towards the end to get in my workouts. Well. This week started off a little differently. I started Monday early with a weights workout, and was able to get it done Tuesday and Wednesday as well. Wednesday night I started to feel a little achey and chilled after my workout, and figured I had maybe pushed myself too hard after a long and tiring day, but nope! Thursday and Friday I woke up feeling sweaty, cold, and my body was aching. I worked from home both days, with a cup of tea in hand and a heating pad on my lap. Being sick blows, and when I am taken down hard by a cold or flu, I am just reminded how important it is to take care of myself, eat well, sleep enough, and get my flu shot! Hoping the worst is past me, and that I can take the weekend to recover. Of course, on a long holiday weekend, I'm home sick, in sweatpants of course. 

Workout details: 
8/31: 5 rounds
10 DB snatches (each arm) #15
10 DB push press #15

10 burpees

9/1: #35 barbell. Because. Again... Weaaaak

So far I'm really loving these shorter, intense workouts. I think the treadmill runs up the sweat factor but even after Monday's workout I was sweating like a hog. 

2 miles, TM
5 rounds
10 power cleans #40 
10 push press #40
10 burpees
1 mile, TM

Used #15 DB

Ended the week with treadmill miles. I'm itching to get some more time out on the roads. We will see how this week fares. Embracing the cooler, darker mornings already.

Monday, August 31, 2015

End of summer, say it isn't so.

8/24: Camping 
8/25: Camping
8/26: Strength circuit, 20 min
8/27: Yoga and stretching, 10-15 min.
8/28: "Crossfit" circuit 1 - 3 miles TM
8/29: "Crossfit" circuit 2 - 1 mile, TM
8/30: Rest

I know I missed a week recap but I can't remember exactly what I did. I know I worked out 4 days but... That's about it. 

I notice a pattern with my weeks - they start out slow with 2, 3 lazy rest days but then by Wednesday, I am usually able to rally and squeeze in some exercise, which then motivates me for the following days. Normally I take it easy on Fridays (end of the work week, y'all!) but lately I am able to get in a solid sweat after work. We try not to schedule too much outside of the house on Fridays, since everyone is pretty beat by this point of the week, and also traffic anywhere is a beast on Friday afternoons/early evenings. There is no rush to start dinner, to get somewhere, to do all the things. It's quite nice. 

I didn't run much at all this week, but I incorporated some 400's into my "Crossfit" workouts. I use this word in quotations because I am not quite 100% sold on the Crossfit lifestyle but I do like the idea of mixing in heavier strength moves into my rotation. 

Here are my workouts, courtesy of two instagrammers I follow. 

Friday's workout: 

I started with 400 meters before each round, and after the last round I just stayed in the treadmill until I hit 3 miles. Sweaaaaty.

Saturday's workout. 

This one was sneaky tough. I subbed burpees for the push-ups (you know I love my burpees) and used a #25 weight for the kettle bell swings. I used lighter weights for the last sets but they were still so tough! This workout took me about 30 minutes, and I was dripping sweat when I was done. I contemplated running additional miles on the treadmill, but my quads were toast. #lunges

My focus lately has been strength building and muscle tone. Don't get me wrong, I love me some sweatastic cardio. There is nothing quite like a solid run. However, while I'm no expert in.. well, anything... in my observation and  experience, cardio can only do so much. As I near 40, I think my body is telling me to strength train and build those muscles!  I want to be fit and physically and mentally strong as I get older. My mom is 66, very thin and muscle-less. She gets winded walking through the grocery store. While I do miss being #skinnyfat, I am slowly learning to appreciate a couple extra lbs life has brought me in the last few years. It's taken me a long time to embrace this, and truthfully there are days I still struggle. This struggle is straight real. 


Camping was so much fun. This is the 4th year we've done a big family camping trip, and this time was the best so far. Both kids and adults - all 37 of us! - relaxed and just enjoyed being partially (yes we had cell service and electricity. Go ahead and judge) detached from life. 

I was up early this morning at 4:30am to squeeze in a quick morning workout.

Did the DB snatches and the push-press with #15 weights, because... you know. WEAK.
Warmed up with high kicks and jumping jacks. Bleary eyed and in pj's. 

Gone are the days of sleeping close to midnight and struggling to wake up at 5am. I need to get back on the early bedtime train. I slept last night at 9:30 and so far today I feel fantastic. 

School starts a week from tomorrow, so soon it'll be 

Back to life ��
Back to reality 

Sing it with me

Monday, August 17, 2015

It only exists if you write it down

8/10: Rest
8/11: Rest
8/12: Circuit workout. 34 min
8/13: JM yoga meltdown, level 2. 25 min
8/14: 1000 rep body weight circuit, 56 min
8/15: 4 miles easy, TM. 38+ min
8/16: Rest

Miles: 4
XT days: 3 
Run days: 1
Rest: 3

I think I skipped last week? It wasn't much to write about. I ran about zero miles, and threw in some quick workouts here and there. Or maybe not? Hmm, really I can't remember much. I guess that is why I have to write it down, or else it doesn't exist. 

I started this week off pretty slowly, as you can see from my first two days. I was away at Suncadia for a wonderful women's retreat, which was very relaxing and rejuvenating, save for the 6,7 hours of total weekend sleep. Following the weekend; I was just ruined. It took me a full week to recover, only after two weekend mornings of sleeping in until 10, and 9, respectively. 

Yikes, sleeping in like a college student in the summer. That's me, only I'm no longer in college, 38 yrs old, and have 3 kids. At least they were kind enough to keep busy in the morning (read: watch tv).

I'm still not running as much, which my body is liking, and with which my mind is coping. I like my body much better when I cross train but there's nothing quite satisfying like a sweaty run. 

Amber shared a Pinterest work out on Friday, which I decided to try when I got home from work. After a long tiring week, the last thing I wanted to do was any kind of workout, but my girl inspired me to just pull it together and work it out in my room. 

My quads are still not recovered 

Yeah. Ow. Ow. Ow. 

I combined the last two sets just to get through it faster (50 reps of each) and just gritted my teeth and got it done. Thanks for the tip, Amber.

Burpees, you evil minx. I lovehate you. All 100 of you. 

I did modify half of the push-ups. I modified the v-ups too, alternating with crunches and reverse sit ups. By the end of the workout, I was dripping in sweat, and my legs were shaking. 

Saturday I wasn't sure of the plan, since I woke up to very sore legs. I decided to shake it on the treadmill for a mile and then switch to weights but ended up staying on for four easy miles. We spent the rest of the day out at Chambers Bay, attempting to capture "natural" photos.

Doesn't everyone just #stopdropandplank

Like gazelles

I had tentative plans to run with Angela on Sunday morning but my body was telling me to calm it down. I decided to sleep in and rest instead, and my body thanks me today. 

Hoping this week goes quickly! I had lovely relaxing weekend, and am looking forward to our annual camping trip with a big group of friends this coming weekend. After 4 years, I think we've got this group camping things down.

Keys to success: alcohol and sugar. 

Happy week, everyone!