Monday, February 22, 2016

Vacation life - week 3

Week 3

This week started off with a mini vacation to the ocean! Note- a trip to the ocean in February will be wet, windy, and grey. Monsoon, anyone?

Pro- kids swam in the pool 3 times and loved watching hours of the food network in our hotel room. 

Con- we drove 4+ hours to swim in a pool and watch cable. 

Overall, the trip was successful. It's been a while since we've had any sort of vacation, so it was nice to get away from reality for a bit. we even got to recreate a photo at Ecola Park, from five years prior.

Photo fail! Also, big kids on laps are way less cute.

Even with being on vacation, I was able to fit in two solid workouts at the hotel.  I think this is the third time ever working out on vacation, and I actually really liked it! I'm so weird! The first morning I worked out, the exercise room was empty, so I was able to comfortably do as I pleased. 

On our way to Cannon Beach, we made an extended stop in Portland, because of course I needed a Little Big Burgers, and Blue Star Donut fix. That night we ended up having pizza for dinner in our hotel room. Needless to say, the workout the next morning was more out of necessity than anything else. #fueldbycarbs

The second morning, I had 5 miles on the schedule so I left the crew in the hotel room with plans to meet up later at the pool. Two other ladies were working out when I got there. I thought maybe they were friends working out but both were working out in silence; and also with terrible form! One lady was rowing without moving her arms/upper body. All wrong! I wanted so badly to give her some advice on how to row correctly but whatever, who am I, some personal trainer? The form police? Nope, just a judgemental sweaty betty. But honestly, she was doing it all sorts of wrong and I really wanted to help her for her own sake. BUT, eyes on my own paper, right? So instead I turned on my little tv in front of the treadmill and tried to block out the droning sound of the rower amid the otherwise awkward silence. The food network kept me company for most of the miles. Love it.

5 sweaty miles for the win. Also, the room was as hot as Hades, so I'm pretty sure I lost 5 lbs of sweat. Don't worry, I gained it back instantly after breakfast. #donuts

My training plan called for a 12 mile long run this week. Srsly, week 3 and you're telling me to run 12 miles? Erm, ok.

Mentally, longer runs seem easier when they're out and back but running alone on the Orting trail is not an option for me, and I didn't have any running buddies available, so I resigned myself to 12 hamster wheel miles around my neighborhood. I mentioned my plight to D, and she so graciously offered to run half of my 12 with me in Saturday morning, which really helped to break up the monotony. Plus, we were able to catch up for a bit! The rest of the run was relatively uneventful. Overall pace was 9:33. Decent but not fabulous. I also didn't feel totally drained at the end which means I know I have more or myself to give on those types of runs. So much to work on still.

Decent, right? Sure
Bonus was the beaauuuuutiful weather! 

Rounded out the week with 3 treadmill recovery miles and some planks.

Weekly recap:


1 mile warm up, 10 min.  Strength workout 
10 min rowing (eternity)

Sore cowboy legs! 

2/16:  5 miles. 3x1 mi w .25 cd 

2/17: Weights. 40 min

2/18: 5 miles. Hills, speed intervals

2/19: Rest

2/20: 12 miles. 9:33 pace
           First 5.5 with D

2/21:  3 miles, recovery. TM, Core

Miles - 26
Runs: 4
XT: 2
Rest: 1

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Waking up is still real hard

Week 2 and I'm already behind!

Kids and J are off all week so I decided to take a couple extra days from work so we could just get away for a bit. We drove down to Cannon beach, Oregon for a peaceful little getaway. Of course the two days we've been here have been storming and windy, but as we pack up to go the sun is now shining and the skies are calm. Law of vacation universe, right?

Last week was another solid week of training. Waking up is still (always) hard but I feel so great afterwards that the little sacrifice of sleep is totally worth it. 

Thursday's five miles were tough but I gritted my teeth and got through the miles. I think I was definitely fatigued from the workout previous but also, running tends to feel much sloggier around period times. #girlproblems

Saturday's LR was modified so we could run at JL's recovery pace, plus I got to see C too! It's so early in the training that was ok with the plan adjustment. I'll do just about anything to run with friends. Always so fun.

Week 2 training

2/8: rest
2/9: 4 miles
1 WU, 2x1mi,1 CD. 

2/10: Strength  32 min

I die. Stupid front squats 

2/11: 5 miles 
          last 3 with NS

2/12: Rest
2/13: 10 miles w Jlow and C
2/14: 4 miles w Dani. Recovery

Run days: 4
Strength: 1 (womp)
Rest: 2
Miles: 23

*font is all wonky because I updated on my phone and reg computer separately. guh*

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

We haven't really talked since last year...

Oh haiiiii!

I'm back. 

New Year, New m.. 

Nope. Old me. Since the half marathon, I had been taking it pretty easy around here. I'm wasn't killing myself waking up at 4 to workout, although I probably need to get going on that honestly.  It's been lots of shorter, more intense workouts.


You know, a whole lot of nothing. The holidays flew by and now we're back to the new year. Clean slate. Fresh start.

I haven't really been to the gym much ever in the last 10 years, but a few weeks ago one night when we took the kids to the Y, I was shocked at how packed it was at 7:30 in the evening. Sardines. 

Then I remembered what day it was-
January 7th. Barely into the new year. Of course. Now, I think it's great that people have made resolutions to get healthy and stay active. My hope is that it continues.

Funny thing is, once you make exercise a regular part of your life, January doesn't feel much different, which is actually kind of nice. 

We have lots of running plans coming up in the next year and I've been meaning to get back on track with consistent running but I haven't managed more than a few miles a time, maybe a few times a week. The going's been slow, people. S-L-O-Wwwww. <insert turtle emoji>. 

Last Monday, J asked me if I wanted to run the Tacoma city, which kind of caught me off guard. I know he'd been planning on signing up but we hadn't discussed if I would run as well. Races aren't cheap and we already have lots of $$$ allocated for summer and fall races. Anyways, I said yes, of course, because a slow half marathon can't keep a girl down. I figure it would be the perfect motivator to keep me in running shape for when our summer running really takes off. 

I did some quick perusing of training plans, and found one that worked well with my schedule. I've always had the best luck with the Another Mother Runner plans. Love em.  I worked backwards from the day of the race and calculated back 13 weeks, which is the duration of the plan. The plan start date was 2/1, which of course was last Monday, the day we discussed running the race together! 

So, i ended up starting off strong with a rest day. But the next morning, my alarm blared at 4am, and once again I found myself in the cold but welcoming garage gym I've come to love accept as my chilly morning training ground. I know I only have had one week of training but the 20 miles I logged last week was really the kick off I needed and have been waiting for to get my ass going. 

I love the AMR plans because I feel like they truly do take into account that we all have lives that coincide with running, and that sometimes the other part of our lives - kids, husband; work- need to take precedence. It helps you figure out the perfect balance as well as give perspective. Who doesn't need perspective, especially when you're wrangling on your sports bra at 4:05 in the dark, dark morning as you're trying to not wake up your snoozing husband as well as avoid tripping over piles of semi folded laundry. Ah, kid chores. 

Let's mix it up, shall we? I usually I recap the week in the beginning but it kind of didn't fit that way soooo, here is a recap of last week.

Week 1:

2/1: rest
2/2: 4 miles - 2 mile x.25 rest. 

5 rounds 
        Kb - 10 swings. 
       10 upright rows

2/3: 5 miles ladder workout
        1 mile WU. 1,2,3,2,1 x2
        .25 finish 47 min
        30 sec rest, 1.5 min recovery jog for            rest intervals 

2/4: Rest

2/5: 8 miles. 1:15+ 

2/6: 1 mile warmup, TM. 
        20 min Emom
         -20 KBS 25#
         -3 squat clean thrusters - 45#

        PM: 5 rounds, 8 lb
        Shoulder raises
        Lateral raised
        Bicep curls. 
        Hammer curls

2/7: 2 mile recovery. 19:44 
        5 rounds
        5 Deadlifts-95#q
        5 Push press- 45#

        20 shoulder taps
        20 mountain climbers

Total miles: 20
Rest days: 2
Strength: 3