Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Waking up is still real hard

Week 2 and I'm already behind!

Kids and J are off all week so I decided to take a couple extra days from work so we could just get away for a bit. We drove down to Cannon beach, Oregon for a peaceful little getaway. Of course the two days we've been here have been storming and windy, but as we pack up to go the sun is now shining and the skies are calm. Law of vacation universe, right?

Last week was another solid week of training. Waking up is still (always) hard but I feel so great afterwards that the little sacrifice of sleep is totally worth it. 

Thursday's five miles were tough but I gritted my teeth and got through the miles. I think I was definitely fatigued from the workout previous but also, running tends to feel much sloggier around period times. #girlproblems

Saturday's LR was modified so we could run at JL's recovery pace, plus I got to see C too! It's so early in the training that was ok with the plan adjustment. I'll do just about anything to run with friends. Always so fun.

Week 2 training

2/8: rest
2/9: 4 miles
1 WU, 2x1mi,1 CD. 

2/10: Strength  32 min

I die. Stupid front squats 

2/11: 5 miles 
          last 3 with NS

2/12: Rest
2/13: 10 miles w Jlow and C
2/14: 4 miles w Dani. Recovery

Run days: 4
Strength: 1 (womp)
Rest: 2
Miles: 23

*font is all wonky because I updated on my phone and reg computer separately. guh*

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