Saturday, September 28, 2013

4 Runs X 1 Treadmill = 4 Treadmill Runs. So good at all the math.

9/24: 6.25 Miles Treadmill
9/25: 4 Miles. Treadmill. 4 AM, people.
9/26: 5 Miles. Treadmill. 4 AM. Yuh uh.. I said it. Twice.
9/27: Rest
9/28: LR. 9 Miles. Treadmill.

This week: Alternating days of pizza and subway. Is becoming kind of an awesome problem.

The new treadmill and I have become fast friends. Since last Saturday, I have done all my runs (6) on the treadmill. Saturday's long was done on the rusty, crapped out one (extra points for me!) and the rest have been on the new, fancy I-love-it-so-much-I-want-to-marry-it machine.

I've decided to attempt the early morning workouts so I can have some free evenings when I get home from work. It's tough enough to fit in a a proper dinner, with baths, homework, and some family time let alone squeeze in a decent workout. I've been managing for the last year but now that all three kids are in school, the mountain of paper work, lunches and laundry feel like they've grown exponentially. Some days I feel like I'm on the brink of losing the mind. Like a crazy. What's new. Carry on.

For those of you who've known me for a while, you know that I dislike mornings like Kim K. dislikes Kris Humpries.  As Kim K. would say,

"Like.. a lot.. like....".

Anyways, the last two mornings have actually been... dare I say, kind of exhilarating? Seriously, I should just punch myself in the face, that sounds so annoying.  Once my alarm blares in my ear at 4:00am, I spend about 10 minutes on the office floor "stretching", and when I say stretching, I mean slumped over with my shoes half on while I attempt to pry my eye lids open with toothpicks. But when I finally get on the treadmill and get going, it's actually not... that bad! The first couple of miles are always a struggle but then again, it's like that when I run outside too. Once I get over the 2-3 mile hump, the later miles seem to be more manageable, physically and mentally.

Let's see if I can do it again this week. We'll see. Sleep, it has its way of luring me back under the covers. I love sleep.


Had grand plans to run outside today for my weekly long run - 9 miles for training week 4 -  but waking up (late! whoops) to giant drops of steady rain convinced me to stay indoors and run on the treadmill - for the fourth time this week.

Not quite sure what's gotten over me. Crazy treadmill person over here. *Points to self*

Anyways, here is my workout summary. Not quite as enjoyable as the splits from my Garmin but this is the best I can do.

9 mi
94 ft
elevation gain
total time

9 Miles. Used iFit program to run a course through my neighborhood and had to power through some tough intervals/inclines. Kind of slogged through the first 4 miles and really hit my stride around mile 5 on. Relatively easy, steady pace with some ass hauling the last mile. No fuel, only water. Lots and lots of water.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Like running outside. But totally not...

9/23: Rest
9/24: 6.25 Miles. 58 Minutes. Treadmill.

Dumping rain. Not feeling a run outside today. Especially after I was tidal waved by a large truck the last time I ran in a monsoon.

Today's run was... interesting. J's been obsessed with this treadmill since we brought it home. It has IFit capability so he was able to sign up online, and figure out how to hook the treadmill up to the IFit website.

Don't ask me.

I think he may have explained it to me a zillion few times.

I wasn't listening. D'uh.


Anyways, he mapped out a local course that was 6.25 miles. The cool thing about the IFit is that you can physically see the road you're running via the website. The best worst painful interesting thing about this is that the treadmill accounts for the inclines on your route, so if you're virtually going up a hill online, the treadmill will compensate and increase as you're running. At one point, I was running up a pretty steep slope and the treadmill inclined all the way to 15%. I now understand why treadmills have handle bars....

And an emergency off switch.

See? IPad floating in mid air.. Or, the plastic casing screwed into the garage shelving in front of the 'mill. Don't worry, the IPad slips right off but is very secure once snapped in.

The one thing I can't seem to figure out is how to display pace. I can roughly gauge how fast I'm going and yes, I'm Asian so clearly I could probably calculate pace based on time and distance - Good at all the math! Plus, I'd totally use a calculator and/or the internet. But sometimes it's just nice to see it in your face while you're running. I took it easy the first 3 miles (15% incline in mile 2? Yeah...) and then kept it at around 7.2 mph for the last 2-3 miles.

Also, the calorie burn count is off. I clearly did not burn almost 1000 calories running 6+ miles.

However, I did end up eating dinner like those numbers were indeed true.

All the food.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Have I told you.. lately.. that I love you...

9/22: 4 Miles Easy. 37 Minutes. New Treadmill.

No more broken, stuck on an incline treadmill! J found a treadmill for a steal on craigslist and I took it for a test run on Sunday.

LOVE. IT. SO. MUCH. I want to MARRY. IT.

It's a Nordic Track Pro C900. Did I tell I like it? I LIKE YOU A LOT.


Jumped on Sunday morning. Four easy miles. Watched random YouTube clips and some Falling Skies.


Seriously don't even know myself anymore.... *punches self in face*

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend

9.20: Rest. OCB for dinner at bday girl's request.
9/21: Treadmill. 80 minutes

Das right.

80 Minutes, beyatch.

The end.

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Hills, Bonney Lake Style. No LC or Audrina, sorry..

9/18: NTC Slim Effect, 30 Min. 4AM workout. Say whaat...
9/19: 4 Miles with Hills

Wednesday Morning: Woke up before the roosters to squeeze in a workout for the day. I knew I wouldn't get home after work at a reasonable time to justify a workout between dinner, baths, homework, etc.. What do they call that again? Oh.. yes...


So I set up alarm for *gulps* 4:00am. Rolled out of bed like a maniac.. Literally. I looked like a puffy faced, greasy haired lunatic. But I got it done. It wasn't easy and I think I'm still feeling the pain today. My quads are on fire.


Today's weather threw me for a loop. After a relatively cool weather week, today's 75 degrees kind of worked me over. Pace was ok but effort felt much more difficult. Threw in some hills just for fun because I am going to have to feel the pain if I want to get faster.

As S would say, Hills are speed work in disguise.

My legs agree.

Hills... those sneaky bastards.

Aaand.. now for no one's everyone's my favorite part:

Avg Pace

Mile 1: Warm up
Mile 2: Spent convincing myself I DID indeed want to do hills. Was a really long 2nd mile...
Mile 3: Up and down a long stretch of (partially shaded! BONUS) sidewalk, ending in a relatively steep incline. Twice (That is all I could handle, ok?)
Mile 4: Cool down and recovery/Stumble back home. The last 1/2 mile is an uphill climb back to the main road. I dread this part of my run every single time I run this loop. And yet.. I still run it. I make no sense.

Due to scheduling issues, I may attempt my 8 miles tomorrow instead of Saturday morning. Will reevaluate when I get home post work, after having spent an entire day slumped over at my desk eating chocolate covered popcorn.


I just bought a new pint of Talenti Sea Salt Caramel Gelato. HAPPY.

Pitch Perfect. Can't stop. Can't stop. 

Since you've been gone...

Monday, September 16, 2013

Surprisingly, I don't melt in the rain...

9/13: Rest Day
9/14: 40 Minutes, Treadmill at Great Wolf
9/15: NTC, Fire Drill, 45 minutes
9/16: 5 Miles

Weekend was out of whack, training wise, due to our little mini vacation to GWL for E's pre bday celebration. Training plan called for 7 Miles on Saturday.

Woke up on Saturday and decided to attempt my first, real hotel gym workout. I am now officially obsessed with finding a nice treadmill to call my own. The gym was pretty small but had five nice, new treadmills, some weight machines and 3 or 4 elliptical machines. Unfortunately, I had some company the entire time I was in the gym (sweaty, grunting old dudes. Lucky me) but I just plugged in my music and turned it up as loud as my delicate ear drums would allow. I ended up fiddling with the machine for a while because apparently I am too stupid to figure out how to use fancy treadmills. Anyways, I walked the first five minutes at a snail's pace trying to figure the damn thing out, and then decided to just run on the manual setting. And guess what, the manual program kept resetting at 20 minutes. I did two 20 minute sessions and then called it sweaty quits after 40 minutes. According to fancy machine, I ran a little over 3 miles because of all the random walking and slowing down while trying to figure out how to configure the machine but still, it felt good to get in a workout even while on vacation. I was going to run the 7 miles on the treadmill but my shin was flaring up a bit so I decided to take it easy. Still, I'm proud of myself for not using vacation as an excuse to not exercise and get at least some training in. Also, I woke up with some beer and pizza from the night before that needed to be burned off. So... you know, the motivation, it's ten fold.

*pats self on back*


The Nike Training Club workouts are no. joke. My ass and thighs are still sore from Sunday's 45 minute session. I was a jumping, gyrating fool in the privacy of my own home. Thank the Lord, because no one wants to see that


Today's Run: Five Miles, Easy

I have never run in a monsoon, but I'm pretty sure I may have come close to that experience today. The first two miles were run in the dumping rain. I am pretty sure my wireless headphones may have shorted out because I was so.  so. wet. after five minutes. I was very tempted to turn around because I didn't want to damage my phone, which was tucked into my fanny pack fitness belt. Luckily, it petered out after mile 2 so I just kept motoring on.

However, I did find a benefit to running in the rainy weather. I am much more efficient and even a tad faster. It was still rather warm but the rain really helped keep me cool.

If sunshine is my kryptonite, then rain is my spinach. Call me POPEYE.

Can't wait for cooler running weather. It is right around the corner, peeps!

Today's splits.

Avg Pace

I would like to point out that Split 7 is an error. I started my watch again while I was trying to put it into the docking station. So, my avg pace was more like, 8:54. I realize it's on 3 seconds but those 3 seconds matter to me. Taking what I can get, people.


Nagging shin pain and random foot pain running the last 1.5 miles. Nothing too alarming and I am icing as I write this but I am getting a little irritated at always worrying that my body is going to break down on me. I don't know if it is my age or if I am pushing myself too hard during my workouts, but I would like to reach a stage in my fitness where I am healthy and strong, mentally and physically.

Damn, this would have been a lot easier had I started in my 20's.


Apologies, I am a boring blogger. I was re-reading my old blog the other day at work (what can I say, am essence of efficiency, multitasking and professionalism) and turns out, I was high-larious

Man, I miss those days...


That was the sound of my own horn, in case you were wondering.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Two-fer

9/11 - Nike Training Club; Circuit Challenge* 30 Min.
9/12: 4 Miles, Intervals/Speed work


Since we've been experiencing record high temps in this random September week, the heat has thrown a bit of a wrench back into my training schedule. I swear, running has made me into a vampire. Fear the sun! Sizzle!

Luckily, yesterday's choices were XT or Rest, and since Mondays end up being my rest days and it was a scorching 90 degrees, cross training it would be. For my XT, I've been doing the Jillian Michaels workouts (Shred, Yoga, etc) but just recently downloaded the Nike Training Club app. It's basically a myriad of circuit/weight training drills that are compiled into 30 or 45 minute cross fit type sessions.

The 30 minute Circuit Challenge was right up my alley. Fast paced and sweat inducing.

Just the way I like it.


Today's run: 4 Miles total.

Mile 1: Easy pace
Mile 2, 3: Alternate 1 minute of FAST running/2 minutes recovery.
Went as fast as sub 7 (in a blink of an eye - seriously, it's what my garmin said but maybe it was short circuiting from my sweat?), recovery was between 8:30 and 9:30.
Mile 4: Recovery, last half uphill.

Splits from today's session.
Sponsored once again by my nagging shin.

Splints, anyone?

Avg Pace


*You know what is counterproductive? Working your ass off and then drinking and eating your weight in beer and tater tots. Am just saying. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

*I'm a-live! I'm a-live! And I don't care who knows it! *Tosses hat to the side*

9/8, 9/9: Rest Days
9/10: Treadmill, 60 minutes (Miles - ?)

If you haven't noticed, I kind of like to throw in random references from movies and shows. Bear with me, please.

On today's training schedule: 7 Miles.


7 Miles in 80 degree weather with one zillion percent humidity? PASS.

As I have mentioned before on the blog, and in person many, many times if you are lucky enough to have heard me whine about it, I have a love/hate/hate relationship with the treadmill. Almost every running blog and website/magazine deems treadmill running to be easier - especially on the joints, and as a convenience. I don't know if it is the particular piece of shit treadmill that we have at home, but even a 30 minute effort seems monumentally difficult. Also, according to my treadmill I am running 12 minute miles, which...

**NO it's NOT.

Determined to get my run in regardless of the elements, I grabbed the IPad, started up the treadmill and ran - slowly but steadily.

For 60. Straight. Minutes.

And I didn't die!


That is One Hour, people! I know that it's probably not a huge deal for most runners but it was more of a mental breakthrough for me. Today was the first time in the history of.. ever that I have made it that long on the treadmill. My previous treadmill record was a whopping 35 minutes. Today, instead of starting with doubt in my mind whether I could finish my workout, I started running knowing I would finish strong regardless of what my mind was telling me.

I have perusing this crazy ripped, super fit lady's blog for a few weeks now and her treadmill training runs have inspired me. I also decided today would be the perfect time to start watching Falling Skies so I could finally catch up with J, who is dying to talk to someone (me) about it. I have 2.5 seasons worth of catching up to do, so I see some more treadmill runs in my future.


Fitness inspiration + new, fresh tv series with no commercial interruptions = kick ass treadmill run.

Didn't really keep track of miles, as I have mentioned previously that I think the calibration is a bit wonky.

Was a mad wreck after my run, as Evelyn kindly pointed out that my makeup had smeared all over my face.

Show was over after 40 minutes. (Really, one hour shows have TWENTY MINUTES of commercials?!). Jammed to some music for the last 20 min.

Drank Nuun during the run and randomly treated myself to a handful of swedish fish to keep me kickin'. SUUUUGAR.

Move References;
*Elf. Yes, I know it's originally "I'm in Love..."
**Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

For Chuck

I added an email field, just for you, Charla...

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Running with purpose.. and the purpose of running.

9/7: 8 Miles

A few weeks ago, I had found myself at the point of doubting my abilities before every subsequent run. The outcome of these runs... not so hard to predict - Sloggy, tough and mentally/physically draining. I had many moments of doubt, wanting to just give up and stop all together. I was starting to hate every mile.

However, this past week I read something profound from a (new, awesome, super secret!) blog that really struck a chord:

when we start to drift into doubting and dreading our runs, it’s time to revisit why we started doing this in the first place.

Reading this quote really made me stop and re-evaluate why and what the hell I was doing running and killing myself every week.

1) For weight loss? Um, no. Apparently my body doesn't like to be a skinny runner. Pls refer to my hulk muscles.
2) For speed? Surely not. Just call me Quasimodo.
3) To be a braggart? Girl, please. See first two points above.

4) Because... it has made me a stronger, more positive person?
    Because... it has made me realize that working hard reaps great benefits?
    Because... I have learned to stop being such a damn baby and a quitter?
    Because... I have found a wonderfully supportive, bad ass community of runners?


So, this morning, after a fun, meat and sodium laden evening with friends, I woke up feeling groggy and dehydrated. Determined to start off the day with a positive run, I had a snack, guzzled a ton of water, laced up my trusty Mizunos and set out for my first scheduled long run of my half training.

And you know what?

It felt great.

Avg Pace

Peanut Butter GU after mile 5. Mini swedish fish throughout. Water.
Mostly negative even splits! Go me! Rogue Mile 7.
Mile 7 started at the bottom of a hill. 
Every mile felt relatively easy.
Post run fuel: 1/2 bottle Chocolate Coconut Water. 1/2 Banana. Water.
Remember what I said about not needing music for the LR? Please disregard. The music is part of what lightened my spirits and helped me through some of the hillier parts of the run. Thanks to J for the new playlist!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Received my first comment the other day. Felt so special. *sniffs*

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday: Short and sweaty

9/5 - 20 Minutes on the treadmill. Intervals. Arms and (fl)abs.

Today's plan was for 3 Miles. 10 minutes as warm up, 30 second intervals 6-7 times, then 10 minute cool down. I had planned to come home and motor on outside but J had to run some errands so I begrudgingly hopped on the treadmill. Now, I have some love for the treadmill because I really do credit treadmill running/training for helping increase my speed last year but I can't say I ever enjoy a run on the treadmill. Running in place staring at the garage wall is not really my idea of a good time but hey, it gets the job done. And besides, I won't get any faster without some sort of speed work... or a scooter or something.

Now, as a disclaimer, my tread is old and rickety and I think the calibration is off a bit because the speed to mile ratio is not always consistent. Basically I feel like I should be getting more credit for the miles than it is giving me. So best practice, for our particular treadmill, J and I have decided it is best to run by time, not miles.

10 Minutes warm up - easy
30 seconds at a 6.5
30 seconds at 5
7 X

30 seconds at a 5.5
30 seconds at a 7
30 seconds at 5
30 seconds at 7
30 seconds at 5.5
30 seconds at 7

I ended up skipping the 10 minute cool down because a) sweat was dripping into my eyes and b)I just really wanted to get off that treadmill. But lordy, after 20 minutes I was unbelievably sweaty. Sometimes effort trumps time, and in this case, the effort definitely kicked my ass. I finished with some arms and abs in our garage gym. Ooh, home gym. Sounds fancy right? In reality, it probably looks more like the exercise section at your local goodwill.  Random, mismatched weights, fraying carpet and some old unfinished cabinets surrounding the treadmill.

Today's post feels extra boring but that's because, the workout was pretty boring. Simple and straightforward.

Run hard. Sweat a lot. Finish strong. Don't die. The end.

Tomorrow is a rest day and do I definitely need it. I have done some sort of activity everyday since last Saturday. I think I was/am making up for last week when I did absolutely nothing. I guess when you fall behind, you have to work harder and run faster to catch up.I still feel like I am in 70th place (Metaphorically speaking, of course) but I'm getting there.

I will get there. 


Breakfast: Better Oats plain oatmeal w/ Costco organic PB and some agave.
Coffee, coffee, coffee.

Snacks: Apple, Z bar, cookies (Couldn't help myself!), water, tea, coffee. coffee.

Lunch: Cheese pizza and salad bar from Tom Douglas' new place. So delicious. Must go again. Reminded me of a smaller, Asian version of this this fantastic place in NYC

Dinner: Turkey dogs w/ wheat buns, kale salad. Beef dogs plus corn and chili for the kids and J.
Leftover potstickers.

Talenti Sea Salt Caramel Gelato. New favorite evening treat. Tiny gems of chocolate covered caramels.
Allll mine. 


Tomorrow's plan: Work (Shmerk). Rest day. Dinner with friends. Wine. Hello weekend!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Only Four, and still my face almost melted off.

9/4 - 4 Miles Easy. Ran with J. No music. Humidity at 83%.
Humidity is the enemy. Just ask this gal.

I took today off from work to usher my children to school this morning. The official first day was yesterday but W's first day of kindergarten was today. So, the decision was easy - no work for me! I "slept in" until 6:15, drank a pot of coffee, made the kiddos breakfast, drove to school, took a zillion pictures, and then came home to run.

I swapped today's rest day with Friday's 4 miles easy. J wanted to run together since the kids were all in school today. 99% of all my runs have been solo, and most of the time I prefer it that way. But it is nice to have some company on runs every so often, especially if you are feeling a little discouraged like I have been of late. I even convinced him to run without music, especially since it was a short distance and we could (attempt) to talk while running.

The talking? It stopped after a mile. We were too busy saving our breath for, you know, the breathing. The pace was relatively steady, except for my always rogue middle miles. On a shorter run, the 3rd mile is always the giant EH? in the equation, and today was no exception. Generally mile one in our neighborhood is always a downhill, which explains the random starting pace. However, I will have you know that mile 3 started at the bottom of a short but steep incline. A. When I got to the top, I am pretty sure I was just doing the running man in place.

Today's Mile Splits, brought to you by Garmin, and sponsored by my shin splints.

Avg Pace