Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday: Short and sweaty

9/5 - 20 Minutes on the treadmill. Intervals. Arms and (fl)abs.

Today's plan was for 3 Miles. 10 minutes as warm up, 30 second intervals 6-7 times, then 10 minute cool down. I had planned to come home and motor on outside but J had to run some errands so I begrudgingly hopped on the treadmill. Now, I have some love for the treadmill because I really do credit treadmill running/training for helping increase my speed last year but I can't say I ever enjoy a run on the treadmill. Running in place staring at the garage wall is not really my idea of a good time but hey, it gets the job done. And besides, I won't get any faster without some sort of speed work... or a scooter or something.

Now, as a disclaimer, my tread is old and rickety and I think the calibration is off a bit because the speed to mile ratio is not always consistent. Basically I feel like I should be getting more credit for the miles than it is giving me. So best practice, for our particular treadmill, J and I have decided it is best to run by time, not miles.

10 Minutes warm up - easy
30 seconds at a 6.5
30 seconds at 5
7 X

30 seconds at a 5.5
30 seconds at a 7
30 seconds at 5
30 seconds at 7
30 seconds at 5.5
30 seconds at 7

I ended up skipping the 10 minute cool down because a) sweat was dripping into my eyes and b)I just really wanted to get off that treadmill. But lordy, after 20 minutes I was unbelievably sweaty. Sometimes effort trumps time, and in this case, the effort definitely kicked my ass. I finished with some arms and abs in our garage gym. Ooh, home gym. Sounds fancy right? In reality, it probably looks more like the exercise section at your local goodwill.  Random, mismatched weights, fraying carpet and some old unfinished cabinets surrounding the treadmill.

Today's post feels extra boring but that's because, the workout was pretty boring. Simple and straightforward.

Run hard. Sweat a lot. Finish strong. Don't die. The end.

Tomorrow is a rest day and do I definitely need it. I have done some sort of activity everyday since last Saturday. I think I was/am making up for last week when I did absolutely nothing. I guess when you fall behind, you have to work harder and run faster to catch up.I still feel like I am in 70th place (Metaphorically speaking, of course) but I'm getting there.

I will get there. 


Breakfast: Better Oats plain oatmeal w/ Costco organic PB and some agave.
Coffee, coffee, coffee.

Snacks: Apple, Z bar, cookies (Couldn't help myself!), water, tea, coffee. coffee.

Lunch: Cheese pizza and salad bar from Tom Douglas' new place. So delicious. Must go again. Reminded me of a smaller, Asian version of this this fantastic place in NYC

Dinner: Turkey dogs w/ wheat buns, kale salad. Beef dogs plus corn and chili for the kids and J.
Leftover potstickers.

Talenti Sea Salt Caramel Gelato. New favorite evening treat. Tiny gems of chocolate covered caramels.
Allll mine. 


Tomorrow's plan: Work (Shmerk). Rest day. Dinner with friends. Wine. Hello weekend!

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  1. I love rest days. Also, wine. Go Linda go!