Saturday, September 7, 2013

Running with purpose.. and the purpose of running.

9/7: 8 Miles

A few weeks ago, I had found myself at the point of doubting my abilities before every subsequent run. The outcome of these runs... not so hard to predict - Sloggy, tough and mentally/physically draining. I had many moments of doubt, wanting to just give up and stop all together. I was starting to hate every mile.

However, this past week I read something profound from a (new, awesome, super secret!) blog that really struck a chord:

when we start to drift into doubting and dreading our runs, it’s time to revisit why we started doing this in the first place.

Reading this quote really made me stop and re-evaluate why and what the hell I was doing running and killing myself every week.

1) For weight loss? Um, no. Apparently my body doesn't like to be a skinny runner. Pls refer to my hulk muscles.
2) For speed? Surely not. Just call me Quasimodo.
3) To be a braggart? Girl, please. See first two points above.

4) Because... it has made me a stronger, more positive person?
    Because... it has made me realize that working hard reaps great benefits?
    Because... I have learned to stop being such a damn baby and a quitter?
    Because... I have found a wonderfully supportive, bad ass community of runners?


So, this morning, after a fun, meat and sodium laden evening with friends, I woke up feeling groggy and dehydrated. Determined to start off the day with a positive run, I had a snack, guzzled a ton of water, laced up my trusty Mizunos and set out for my first scheduled long run of my half training.

And you know what?

It felt great.

Avg Pace

Peanut Butter GU after mile 5. Mini swedish fish throughout. Water.
Mostly negative even splits! Go me! Rogue Mile 7.
Mile 7 started at the bottom of a hill. 
Every mile felt relatively easy.
Post run fuel: 1/2 bottle Chocolate Coconut Water. 1/2 Banana. Water.
Remember what I said about not needing music for the LR? Please disregard. The music is part of what lightened my spirits and helped me through some of the hillier parts of the run. Thanks to J for the new playlist!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Received my first comment the other day. Felt so special. *sniffs*

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