Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Only Four, and still my face almost melted off.

9/4 - 4 Miles Easy. Ran with J. No music. Humidity at 83%.
Humidity is the enemy. Just ask this gal.

I took today off from work to usher my children to school this morning. The official first day was yesterday but W's first day of kindergarten was today. So, the decision was easy - no work for me! I "slept in" until 6:15, drank a pot of coffee, made the kiddos breakfast, drove to school, took a zillion pictures, and then came home to run.

I swapped today's rest day with Friday's 4 miles easy. J wanted to run together since the kids were all in school today. 99% of all my runs have been solo, and most of the time I prefer it that way. But it is nice to have some company on runs every so often, especially if you are feeling a little discouraged like I have been of late. I even convinced him to run without music, especially since it was a short distance and we could (attempt) to talk while running.

The talking? It stopped after a mile. We were too busy saving our breath for, you know, the breathing. The pace was relatively steady, except for my always rogue middle miles. On a shorter run, the 3rd mile is always the giant EH? in the equation, and today was no exception. Generally mile one in our neighborhood is always a downhill, which explains the random starting pace. However, I will have you know that mile 3 started at the bottom of a short but steep incline. A. When I got to the top, I am pretty sure I was just doing the running man in place.

Today's Mile Splits, brought to you by Garmin, and sponsored by my shin splints.

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