Tuesday, September 10, 2013

*I'm a-live! I'm a-live! And I don't care who knows it! *Tosses hat to the side*

9/8, 9/9: Rest Days
9/10: Treadmill, 60 minutes (Miles - ?)

If you haven't noticed, I kind of like to throw in random references from movies and shows. Bear with me, please.

On today's training schedule: 7 Miles.


7 Miles in 80 degree weather with one zillion percent humidity? PASS.

As I have mentioned before on the blog, and in person many, many times if you are lucky enough to have heard me whine about it, I have a love/hate/hate relationship with the treadmill. Almost every running blog and website/magazine deems treadmill running to be easier - especially on the joints, and as a convenience. I don't know if it is the particular piece of shit treadmill that we have at home, but even a 30 minute effort seems monumentally difficult. Also, according to my treadmill I am running 12 minute miles, which...

**NO it's NOT.

Determined to get my run in regardless of the elements, I grabbed the IPad, started up the treadmill and ran - slowly but steadily.

For 60. Straight. Minutes.

And I didn't die!


That is One Hour, people! I know that it's probably not a huge deal for most runners but it was more of a mental breakthrough for me. Today was the first time in the history of.. ever that I have made it that long on the treadmill. My previous treadmill record was a whopping 35 minutes. Today, instead of starting with doubt in my mind whether I could finish my workout, I started running knowing I would finish strong regardless of what my mind was telling me.

I have perusing this crazy ripped, super fit lady's blog for a few weeks now and her treadmill training runs have inspired me. I also decided today would be the perfect time to start watching Falling Skies so I could finally catch up with J, who is dying to talk to someone (me) about it. I have 2.5 seasons worth of catching up to do, so I see some more treadmill runs in my future.


Fitness inspiration + new, fresh tv series with no commercial interruptions = kick ass treadmill run.

Didn't really keep track of miles, as I have mentioned previously that I think the calibration is a bit wonky.

Was a mad wreck after my run, as Evelyn kindly pointed out that my makeup had smeared all over my face.

Show was over after 40 minutes. (Really, one hour shows have TWENTY MINUTES of commercials?!). Jammed to some music for the last 20 min.

Drank Nuun during the run and randomly treated myself to a handful of swedish fish to keep me kickin'. SUUUUGAR.

Move References;
*Elf. Yes, I know it's originally "I'm in Love..."
**Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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