Monday, September 2, 2013

Before we begin, a word...

Before I begin actually blogging about the training, I thought I'd summarize what's been happening since the RnRSea Half back in June.

After the race, was slightly discouraged but determined to get right back out there. I resumed my regular scheduled runs after a few days off for recovery, and came back with an easy 3 miles in the sideways pouring rain. Always a fun time running in the NW.Anyways, after some more research and constant reading up on running blogs, Runner's World and talking with others, I decided to add some cross training and strength training into the mix. I incorporated a couple days of Jillian Michael's videos with the running, always doing at least a long run on Saturday of 10 miles+. One Saturday I even made it to 14 miles, and all without dying! As you can see, not dying is a major goal around here. Also, I discovered the benefits of GU and water during the long runs. This was clearly one of my biggest training mistakes the first time around, as I hit that wall hard during the half.

Despite the kids' busy summer and the ever climbing temps, I was able to keep pretty steady in my weekly running, getting in about 20 miles a week with some XT peppered in between. However, towards the end of Aug, the temperatures climbed into the 80's on the afternoons - too hot! - and I decided to scale back on the outdoor runs, and instead  focus on the XT and a little treadmill action. However, I think I was burning myself out, because despite having enthusiastically signeed up for the Seattle Marathon 10K (last week), I went into the run feeling more like a training run, less like a race, and that mentality was reflected in the time and effort I put forth that day - 56 min, 9:03 min pace. Definitely not a PR.. Again discouraged, this past week I decided to take a week hiatus from everything. Coincidentally, I had absolutely no opportunity last week to even attempt any sort of exercise, as the kids' schedules and my work schedule basically allowed me to run around the city like a chicken with its head cut off. All of these things added up to a rather stressful and sodium induced fat week. Not my favorite.

So, this brings me to this past Saturday, with a 6 mile run to ease me back in. Let's just say that the run was penance for neglecting my fitness, and subsequently, my diet. I haven't run such slow miles for that distance in a very long time. It wasn't necessarily the slow pace that killed me but the effort to just maintain staying upright and moving forward felt very, very difficult. It was definitely a slog to get through but I'm glad I forced myself to finish without walking, or stopping all together.

Here is my garmin of shame for Saturday's run. UGH

 I even received a bonus gift of chafing from the heart monitor that didn't even work the entire run. Now, I am generally a big fan of the bonus gift but prefer them in the form of a small travel cosmetics bag with some free lipstick inside, not a giant red mark between my boobs.

By the way, did you know running makes one super attractive?:

Yeah, I didn't either.

But anyways, I digress.  I was so relieved when the run was over. I'm now ready to start again after a brief but impactful recharge

It is amazing how important running and exercise has become in my life.

So there you have it. For now, anyways.


Sunday's last minute workout:
Jillian Michael's Yoga Meltdown. 35 minutes.

Yoga in my bedroom = free hot yoga studio.

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