Monday, January 27, 2014

Horizontal Runner

1:20: Rest
1/21: 4 Miles, TM. 32:45 (8:11 pace)
1/22 - 1/24- Rest
1/25: 8 miles, outside. 1:13 (9:14 pace)
1/26: Rest

After a January drought of no weekday runs, guess what *this* girl did on a random Tuesday?

Yup. I had a quick after work date with my trusty treadmill.

4 fast miles running like Phoebe, while watching the boring part of Downton Abby, Season 4 Ep 1.

Yes, I know...I'm still on the first episode of this season.

Yes, I know... my treadmill misses me so.


I am no longer this gal:

Well, ok. I'm still that gal, just... with a vertical run throw in there for good measure.

Decided one run day a week was plenty, and proceeded to take the next 3 days off, enjoying the pretty steady level of inactivity, unless You count the lifting of fork to mouth.


Saturday's solo "long run" was outside in the gloriously brisk sunshine. Continued to heed the advice of some wise runner friends, and kept the pace pretty easy and conversational, minus the conversation. Started and hovered around a 9:30 pace and then picked it up to LHMGP* for the last two.

Garmin splits, I love you...

Avg Pace

Looking back at the run, the first 6 miles were very enjoyable. I could have imagined going another 5,6 miles with no problem. I definitely see the mental benefit of "easy"** runs. Now I feel like I will have less anxiety and mild dread when it's time to throw in the shorter, faster run. Before, I was always pushing myself on every run, trying to make the most of the run time opportunities given me. Hi, can we talk about burn out? But now I think I really understand the importance of balancing the hard days, easy days and most importantly... Rest days!

Gotta figure out a balance...just like in life. 

Here's to my last rest hurrah week before training starts. 

* Lofty Half Marathon Goal Pace
** "Easy": easier, never easy..

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Random almost Friday post

1) Today should be Friday

B) Not sure if the ACV is helping. I think it is? But maybe it isn't? It'll be a week tomorrow that I've been drinking feet tea. Will report full findings this weekend. Only confirmed result? My ability to clear a room. *clears throat*

Moving on

3) I am kind of not into meat. I am not opposed to it - hello, gimme cheeseburgers - but meat, red meat and pork specifically, not my first choice really ever. I am enjoying eating more veggies, grains and non animal protein these days. Not sure how my already broken digestive system feels about this. Pls see points B) and D).

FYI - I am taking a multivitamin to ensure I am still getting enough vitamins and minerals. Plus two glucosamine tablets. All located next to a cup of dentures (not mine) and gummy-vites (also it mine).

D)) I am pretty sure I have a dairy sensitivity - it is real and it is havoc wreaking...

Last night after dinner. JB and I went to Fred Meyer for a few vital things (out of salad dressing at work. Mild panic) and stopped for Little Caesars crazy bread (him) and Menchies (me). 

Damn you, you creamy deliciousness. Milk chocolate, and salted caramel froyo, topped with cheesecake bites, granola, and hot fudge. 

Bonus pic of my purple sweats leggings

The last few times I've had ice cream/froyo, I have woken up the next morning feeling, well.. Pretty damn horrible. 

Bloated. Constipated (tmi? Well I am sorry). General unpleasantness.

Also, my pants feel so tight they are practically eating me alive. 

Man. Who doesn't want to be around this? People should only be so lucky...

Sadly, this morning's 5am wake up call was no different than the previous post Menchies stupor. So in honor of the craptastic way I'm feeling, I am dressed in head to toe black, complete with medusa style giant hair. 

Oh Thursday, you're kind of a bitch..

*Originally written on my crap phone. Blogger on tiny iPhone. V. difficult to maneuver, says man hands over here.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nothing to see here, people..

1/13-1/17: Got nothin. Rest. 
1/18: 6 miles, outside. 53 min (8:57? pace)
1/19: 7 miles, outside. 1:07 
Easy run with JBang. (9:32? pace). Heeding EC advice about slow, easy runs. 

Trying to post on my craptastic phone on the way to work, so apologies for the random fat fingered spelling errors and the possibly inaccurate run info. My memory is definitely not what it once was.

Lessons learned in the last month: running on weekends after long periods of weekday rests (like.. 5 or 6 in a row) mean runs will not feel great. Always great afterwards of course but during? 


Still embracing January as my easy month but trying to forge a plan for a smarter, more efficient training season come February. Maybe I'll finally get a little (race) faster?

In other great news, I talked my neighbor friend into doing the half with me. Now I have a run friend right down the street! 

Also, we have some company now that my MIL is staying with us, so hopefully I can talk JB into running with me on the weekends. 


After a harrowing first experience with straight shots of apple cider vinegar, I decided to bottle up that beast and shove in the back cupboard. However, I'm at my wits end with my flailing digestive system and had recently read an article detailing a syndrome (again. i have no memory but I'm certain there is a medical term) of under producing of the stomach acids that help break down foods, describing my exact symptoms: 

Uncomfortable feeling of fullness after (even small) meals - check!

Gas and indigestion - check!

Belching - duh.. Check check check!

In he past I have taken pancreatic enzymes and probiotics, which have temporarily helped but I am looking for any help I can get in this area.

So, tidbits where I again welcome some ACV back in my life. I dug it out from behind the mountain of sugar and spices, and shook "the mother" out of that Braggs.

"The mother".. Get it?

Anybody.......?  Oh! C'mon!


I find that drinking it mixed with a bit of warm water is almost like tea. Really sour, pungent feet soaked tea. However, there is a little less choking and coughing as the ACV goes down the gullet but in the last few days I've already felt a slight improvement in my digestive health overall, as well as my general mood. 

Although, that might also have a little to do with the fact that I slept for 10 hrs both Friday and Saturday nights.


Awkwardly ending this post because I wrote it originally on my phone and I just... Bleh.

Anyways, here's to hoping this week moves faster than the weekends.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

When I say Take it Easy, clearly I mean it...

1/6: Rest
1/7: Considered  running after work Rest
1/8: Rest
1/9: Rest
1/10: Rest
1/10: 10 Miles, TM. 1:24 (8:27 pace)
1/11: 7 Miles, TM. 59:26 (8:29 pace)
         NTC: Sculpted Atms, 15 min.

Seriously. I am good at resting.

A couple things. My treadmill times look "fast".. to ME, all things considered. However, I am definitely slower outside, anywhere from 15-30 seconds per mile. Why? NO idea. However, I do run with very little to no incline on the treadmill, unless it's hills or incline training - which I don't do regularly. Whoops. Also, I take quite a few water breaks on the 'mill and outside I tend to just.. suffer motor on.

I've been able to catch up on quite a bit of tv while on the treddie, so there is incentive for me to jump on for some longer runs. Also, I just read that some people refer to the 'mill as "Satan's sidewalk". HILARE.

Anyways, I just couldn't get my act together yet again for this work week and was feeling mild hand flappy-ness, but I did have to remind myself that I am taking it easy for the month of January.

Before the real fun begins:

Training for TCM (Half)

I have no specific goals for this race, except to train hard and run my best. I'd like to PR and hit the 2 hr mark, but I won't be too hard on myself this time.

Note to self:
Remember, you run because you can, and because you want.
You like running, remember?


It won't always be easy but it will always be worth it....Said, somebody on the great internets

Friday, January 3, 2014

First post of 2014

Happy 2014!

1/1: 6 miles, outside. 52 min (8:44 pace)
1/2: Rest. Two seconds worth of hand weights. 
1/3: Rest
1/4: 6 miles, TM. 50:09 (8:22 pace)
1/5: Rest


Thursday was the first day back at work in 8 days. Let me tell you, the idea of wearing real pants for an 11 hr duration was less than thrilling.

Work shmerk. I (barely) made it on the first day back. Had a minor post Chipotle for lunch crash but was able to bounce back after a desperate visit to Starbucks and a sluggish stroll through Bartells. 

1) Love mini vacations
2) I am really good at not working 

Vacation runs were awesome. I tried to stay consistent with the run routine but was also able to sleep in every morning. 

I love sleep. Obsessed with it, really.

Saturday's "long run" was cut short due to a few factors:

1) Snoozed through my 7am alarm. Ended up rolling out of bed at 9...

2) Made quick plan to meet sister's family at the zoo around noon. 

3) I didn't actually start running until after 10. Whoops.

6 treadmill miles, starting with a warmup around a 6.3 speed, ending with a (very, very, very brief) 9.0 speed. All of my treadmill runs end up being progression runs, mostly because it just takes me a long time to warm up... This is actually very true, metaphorical speaking as well. 

Like a block of black ice.

Anyways, wanted to end the week at 30 miles, but I'll take the 26. 


Found a new training plan for my next half, and it doesn't officially start until 2/3, so I'm giving myself the rest of the month to just keep up the fitness and maybe mix it up, try something new perhaps?

Or, maybe I'll just sit around watching Downton Abby, glass of wine in hand. 

I'll share my 2014 goals in another post. Jut going to try and get through today. I read somewhere that January 6th is the most depressing work day of the year.. And so far, I concur.


In the spirit of Benji...

You gotta keep your head up - whoa aa
And you can let your hair down - yeaa uh