Thursday, January 23, 2014

Random almost Friday post

1) Today should be Friday

B) Not sure if the ACV is helping. I think it is? But maybe it isn't? It'll be a week tomorrow that I've been drinking feet tea. Will report full findings this weekend. Only confirmed result? My ability to clear a room. *clears throat*

Moving on

3) I am kind of not into meat. I am not opposed to it - hello, gimme cheeseburgers - but meat, red meat and pork specifically, not my first choice really ever. I am enjoying eating more veggies, grains and non animal protein these days. Not sure how my already broken digestive system feels about this. Pls see points B) and D).

FYI - I am taking a multivitamin to ensure I am still getting enough vitamins and minerals. Plus two glucosamine tablets. All located next to a cup of dentures (not mine) and gummy-vites (also it mine).

D)) I am pretty sure I have a dairy sensitivity - it is real and it is havoc wreaking...

Last night after dinner. JB and I went to Fred Meyer for a few vital things (out of salad dressing at work. Mild panic) and stopped for Little Caesars crazy bread (him) and Menchies (me). 

Damn you, you creamy deliciousness. Milk chocolate, and salted caramel froyo, topped with cheesecake bites, granola, and hot fudge. 

Bonus pic of my purple sweats leggings

The last few times I've had ice cream/froyo, I have woken up the next morning feeling, well.. Pretty damn horrible. 

Bloated. Constipated (tmi? Well I am sorry). General unpleasantness.

Also, my pants feel so tight they are practically eating me alive. 

Man. Who doesn't want to be around this? People should only be so lucky...

Sadly, this morning's 5am wake up call was no different than the previous post Menchies stupor. So in honor of the craptastic way I'm feeling, I am dressed in head to toe black, complete with medusa style giant hair. 

Oh Thursday, you're kind of a bitch..

*Originally written on my crap phone. Blogger on tiny iPhone. V. difficult to maneuver, says man hands over here.

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