Monday, January 27, 2014

Horizontal Runner

1:20: Rest
1/21: 4 Miles, TM. 32:45 (8:11 pace)
1/22 - 1/24- Rest
1/25: 8 miles, outside. 1:13 (9:14 pace)
1/26: Rest

After a January drought of no weekday runs, guess what *this* girl did on a random Tuesday?

Yup. I had a quick after work date with my trusty treadmill.

4 fast miles running like Phoebe, while watching the boring part of Downton Abby, Season 4 Ep 1.

Yes, I know...I'm still on the first episode of this season.

Yes, I know... my treadmill misses me so.


I am no longer this gal:

Well, ok. I'm still that gal, just... with a vertical run throw in there for good measure.

Decided one run day a week was plenty, and proceeded to take the next 3 days off, enjoying the pretty steady level of inactivity, unless You count the lifting of fork to mouth.


Saturday's solo "long run" was outside in the gloriously brisk sunshine. Continued to heed the advice of some wise runner friends, and kept the pace pretty easy and conversational, minus the conversation. Started and hovered around a 9:30 pace and then picked it up to LHMGP* for the last two.

Garmin splits, I love you...

Avg Pace

Looking back at the run, the first 6 miles were very enjoyable. I could have imagined going another 5,6 miles with no problem. I definitely see the mental benefit of "easy"** runs. Now I feel like I will have less anxiety and mild dread when it's time to throw in the shorter, faster run. Before, I was always pushing myself on every run, trying to make the most of the run time opportunities given me. Hi, can we talk about burn out? But now I think I really understand the importance of balancing the hard days, easy days and most importantly... Rest days!

Gotta figure out a balance...just like in life. 

Here's to my last rest hurrah week before training starts. 

* Lofty Half Marathon Goal Pace
** "Easy": easier, never easy..

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