Friday, January 3, 2014

First post of 2014

Happy 2014!

1/1: 6 miles, outside. 52 min (8:44 pace)
1/2: Rest. Two seconds worth of hand weights. 
1/3: Rest
1/4: 6 miles, TM. 50:09 (8:22 pace)
1/5: Rest


Thursday was the first day back at work in 8 days. Let me tell you, the idea of wearing real pants for an 11 hr duration was less than thrilling.

Work shmerk. I (barely) made it on the first day back. Had a minor post Chipotle for lunch crash but was able to bounce back after a desperate visit to Starbucks and a sluggish stroll through Bartells. 

1) Love mini vacations
2) I am really good at not working 

Vacation runs were awesome. I tried to stay consistent with the run routine but was also able to sleep in every morning. 

I love sleep. Obsessed with it, really.

Saturday's "long run" was cut short due to a few factors:

1) Snoozed through my 7am alarm. Ended up rolling out of bed at 9...

2) Made quick plan to meet sister's family at the zoo around noon. 

3) I didn't actually start running until after 10. Whoops.

6 treadmill miles, starting with a warmup around a 6.3 speed, ending with a (very, very, very brief) 9.0 speed. All of my treadmill runs end up being progression runs, mostly because it just takes me a long time to warm up... This is actually very true, metaphorical speaking as well. 

Like a block of black ice.

Anyways, wanted to end the week at 30 miles, but I'll take the 26. 


Found a new training plan for my next half, and it doesn't officially start until 2/3, so I'm giving myself the rest of the month to just keep up the fitness and maybe mix it up, try something new perhaps?

Or, maybe I'll just sit around watching Downton Abby, glass of wine in hand. 

I'll share my 2014 goals in another post. Jut going to try and get through today. I read somewhere that January 6th is the most depressing work day of the year.. And so far, I concur.


In the spirit of Benji...

You gotta keep your head up - whoa aa
And you can let your hair down - yeaa uh

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