Sunday, January 12, 2014

When I say Take it Easy, clearly I mean it...

1/6: Rest
1/7: Considered  running after work Rest
1/8: Rest
1/9: Rest
1/10: Rest
1/10: 10 Miles, TM. 1:24 (8:27 pace)
1/11: 7 Miles, TM. 59:26 (8:29 pace)
         NTC: Sculpted Atms, 15 min.

Seriously. I am good at resting.

A couple things. My treadmill times look "fast".. to ME, all things considered. However, I am definitely slower outside, anywhere from 15-30 seconds per mile. Why? NO idea. However, I do run with very little to no incline on the treadmill, unless it's hills or incline training - which I don't do regularly. Whoops. Also, I take quite a few water breaks on the 'mill and outside I tend to just.. suffer motor on.

I've been able to catch up on quite a bit of tv while on the treddie, so there is incentive for me to jump on for some longer runs. Also, I just read that some people refer to the 'mill as "Satan's sidewalk". HILARE.

Anyways, I just couldn't get my act together yet again for this work week and was feeling mild hand flappy-ness, but I did have to remind myself that I am taking it easy for the month of January.

Before the real fun begins:

Training for TCM (Half)

I have no specific goals for this race, except to train hard and run my best. I'd like to PR and hit the 2 hr mark, but I won't be too hard on myself this time.

Note to self:
Remember, you run because you can, and because you want.
You like running, remember?


It won't always be easy but it will always be worth it....Said, somebody on the great internets

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