Saturday, February 8, 2014

So.. where were we?

*Updated to add:
Was a week off. Training officially starts on 2/10! I am not behind after all. 
I just finished typing my training into my Google calendar and holy shitballs, batman! I have no idea why I thought this training plan would be a good idea! 

Somebody.. HOLD ME.


1/27 - 1/31: REST
2/1: 7 Miles, TM. 1:02 (8:51 pace)
2/2 - 2/7: Training, Week 1. REST
2/8: 6 Miles, TM. 52:21 (8:43 pace)

Now then. Where we we again, anyone remember?
Oh yes I was supposed to start training on Monday.

Guess what I did instead?

Did not eat a lot of delicious things and was grumpy and evil about it. I decided to try this elimination diet t to see if I could get to the root of my ongoing digestive woes. I didn't think it would be the best idea to cut out a bunch of foods while trying to start training, so I decided to delay my start date to Monday the 10th. I've learned a lot in the last week, about my digestion, and about how loaded the topic of food is in general. I'll write another post about it when I have more time and less noise (shrieking children, anyone?) in the background. But the one thing I have learned, that is probably clearly evident to anyone who has met me even for 2 minutes?

I love coffee. Cannot/Will not give it up. I shall marry you, coffee. You shall me MINE.

However, I did skip the coffee for one day and I didn't maim anyone in the process. WINNER.

In the meantime, just using the weekends to keep my legs moving.

Apparently I am only a weekend runner right now? But all of that will change soon.

4AM. We shall meet again very soon...

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  1. I am so glad I found your blog. I can relate to all of this. I will never give up coffee during any trainign either. I really hope that you are able to get your digestion problems solved. :-)