Tuesday, February 11, 2014

That wasn't so bad...

2/8: 6 miles, TM. 52min, 8:43 pace
2/9: Rest

Official training week 1:
2/10: Rest
2/11: 4 miles + 4x20 strides (Total: 4.5 miles, 40min. 8:52 pace)

It's always a good sign when your very first day of training starts with a rest day. 

On my new training plan, Mondays are rest days with optional strength and core. I might try and squeeze those in when I can, but if you haven't noticed in the last couple of months, I excel at the resting.


Always nice to be greeted by name. Thanks, Barry, my smooth talkin' treadmill.

4am. It's definitely been a while. Since today was only 4 miles, I let myself sleep in an extra 15 glorious minutes. When it's dark o'clock and you had a long, busy Monday, those 15 can feel like pure magic, I tell you. 

Today's plan was 4 miles and strides. This is going to sound odd but I tend to struggle with the shorter mileage, only because it takes me so long to get into the groove. That, and I swear the treadmill is programmed to make the first two miles an ETERNITY. 

I kept the pace pretty easy for most of the run. Trying to ease back into running training after quite a bit of ... How should i say, down time?. And I'd like to avoid injury, please. Everyone, please knock on all the things!

Finished 4 mile and then threw in some 20-30 second strides and ended at exactly 40 minutes. Nice and sweaty but without feeling like wanting to die. However, post workout I was alarmingly sweaty and red faced. And so shiny! 


Sign of a solid workout.

Now, on to the rest of the day. Hoping the endorphin high lasts at least part of the day, as to make work, and my attitude, slightly more bearable. 

Although, it's 6:45 am and my tights are attempting to eat me alive. I make no promises about today. 

Look at me, guys! A weekday runner once more!


Tuesday randoms:

Wearing a lace top and biker boots. Gotta love a good juxtaposition.  
Bad news is that the shirt is chambray, and we all know what that means... 

Really into vegan/GF blogs lately. Weird. And so interesting!

Easing back into eating more foods after last week's elimination diet attempt. Definitely more aware of what foods trigger me to feel like shit - tons of sugar and carbs. And dairy. Am genius. Sign me up for Mensa. 

So far, still feeling pretty good. I can almost see my faux (fl)ab muscles. Either that, or it's the imprint on my skin left from my tights....

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