Thursday, February 20, 2014

Doing it all wrong


This week has royally sucked donkey balls. 

My speech, it is eloquent. 

Anyways, I had a great first training week and was excited for week 2. However, my body had other plans. Monday's rest/xt session consisted of two 15 min NTC workouts, which meant I was thoroughly stretched and ab'd for the next few days. Also, three days post workout? 

Still sore.

*whine alert*

{Prepare the ice packs for your eyes, for the spraining of the retina will soon likely occur}

I woke up on Sunday morning and squeezed in four easy miles on good ol' Barry. During the first mile or so I started to feel a little tight in my left hip but figured i I was just sore from the previous days run. My hip continued to mildly nag the rest of the day, so I was glad to have the Monday rest day to give my body some time to forgive me. 

Monday, the pain continued to be just irritating  enough that I started become more concerned, concocting all sorts of what-ifs in my head;

What if:
It's ITBS!
It's bursitis!
It's broken! My hip is broken! 
It's my body's my body doesn't work!
I need a hip replacement! I'm too young! God, do you hear? Too young! 
I will never be able to run. Ever. Again.

Waht. Wahhhhh

After a self CLAM DOWN moment, I decided to do what every level headed runner/athlete does when facing possible injury.


I Googled That Shit.

After much detailed research googling, I determined... *Bursitis! Because I have always had this weird hip click issue when I walk and I had remembered that my former workout queen coworker had mentioned it a few times in the past, and if she suffered from it, it was real! And therefore, it must apply to me too!

Someone, get me a medical license and a white jacket.

I spent most of Tuesday lamenting over my running woes - I had missed my Tuesday run, which was 7 miles, 4 of those at 10k pace, so a tempo run of sorts. I had strangely been looking forward to it, but know I made the best decision to sleep in rest/skip. But this meant spending most of my Tuesday hand flapping over the lost weekly miles. Such rationale. So much flappy-ness. 

Wednesdays are always rest/opt 3 miles, and while I was tempted to squeeze in 3 easy, I decided it was probably a better idea to make dinner for my children instead. 

The sacrifices I make.

So here we are, Thursday. 0 miles run for this week. In the grand scheme of things, I know Elizabeth talked me off the ledge with her wise medical knowledge/ injury prevention and necessary strong arming I am making the smartest choice to stay off the roads/''mill and let my body figure itself out. 

In the meantime, I've just whined for an entire post about it, and maybe some of you lasted long enough to read to the end. 

I am sorry. 

I know it's just a minor thing, and realize without being smart and listening to the internet... other people my body, this injury had/has the potential to get worse. 


I rest.

*tucks hands under armpits to resist the flapping*

*probably not bursitis. I don't know exactly what it is but I have an ice pack with me to keep at my desk today. Hoping the trip of ice/roll/rest will do the trick. That, and whining. 

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