Sunday, February 23, 2014

Shaking it off

2/17: NTC, To The Core, 15 min.
         NTC Full Stretch Guide, 15 min

2/18-2/21: NOTHING REST

2/22: Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown, 30 min
         NTC, Ab Burner, 15 min.

2/23: Rest?

This week has been filled with so much flapping and dramatics.

And I'm sorry.

I woke up Monday with mildly sore hip and the pain continued to spread as the week went on. I fretted over whether or not to run, but I decided to let my mind body win this particular fight, and stayed off my feet all week. As some of you can read in my previous post, it wasn't pretty and I was kiiind of ridiculous.

Saturday, I decided to (sadly) skip my long run with my friend, and instead did the hottest workout among the injured set.



Luckily, anything with the words "Jillian Michaels" in the title always proves to be the opposite of boring, and I was able to get a pretty good workout during the 30 minute session. I ended with 15 minutes of NTC abs, and came to the very obvious conclusion that I need a lot of work on my mushy kangaroo pouch core.

Also, proof that the JM Yoga was an ass kicker - my shoulders are s-o-r-e from all the chaturanga.

Taking today off again, as my hip is not feeling 100%, but I am chalking some of it up to using muscles that had previous been in hibernation. Again, another reason to XT/Strength train AND  run, not one or the other. Or just the other (run).

I am pretty sure I'm confusing my muscles (Sore butt! Sore. Butt)  but I've actually heard muscle confusion is a good thing, right?

Learnings from this week: 

Listen to my body. No, really. LISTEN.
Rest is good for your body. Embrace the rest sans the flapping.
Strength and cross training is a MUST.
So is stretching.
Food is fuel, and my friend. Time to stop eating all the things my feelings.

And with that?


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  1. Omg just had a comment and the iPad deleted it. Rage! It said something about how I love your blog, obvs, and you are smart for resting when you did. That's all. Go LB, go!