Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Like running outside. But totally not...

9/23: Rest
9/24: 6.25 Miles. 58 Minutes. Treadmill.

Dumping rain. Not feeling a run outside today. Especially after I was tidal waved by a large truck the last time I ran in a monsoon.

Today's run was... interesting. J's been obsessed with this treadmill since we brought it home. It has IFit capability so he was able to sign up online, and figure out how to hook the treadmill up to the IFit website.

Don't ask me.

I think he may have explained it to me a zillion few times.

I wasn't listening. D'uh.


Anyways, he mapped out a local course that was 6.25 miles. The cool thing about the IFit is that you can physically see the road you're running via the website. The best worst painful interesting thing about this is that the treadmill accounts for the inclines on your route, so if you're virtually going up a hill online, the treadmill will compensate and increase as you're running. At one point, I was running up a pretty steep slope and the treadmill inclined all the way to 15%. I now understand why treadmills have handle bars....

And an emergency off switch.

See? IPad floating in mid air.. Or, the plastic casing screwed into the garage shelving in front of the 'mill. Don't worry, the IPad slips right off but is very secure once snapped in.

The one thing I can't seem to figure out is how to display pace. I can roughly gauge how fast I'm going and yes, I'm Asian so clearly I could probably calculate pace based on time and distance - Good at all the math! Plus, I'd totally use a calculator and/or the internet. But sometimes it's just nice to see it in your face while you're running. I took it easy the first 3 miles (15% incline in mile 2? Yeah...) and then kept it at around 7.2 mph for the last 2-3 miles.

Also, the calorie burn count is off. I clearly did not burn almost 1000 calories running 6+ miles.

However, I did end up eating dinner like those numbers were indeed true.

All the food.

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