Monday, September 16, 2013

Surprisingly, I don't melt in the rain...

9/13: Rest Day
9/14: 40 Minutes, Treadmill at Great Wolf
9/15: NTC, Fire Drill, 45 minutes
9/16: 5 Miles

Weekend was out of whack, training wise, due to our little mini vacation to GWL for E's pre bday celebration. Training plan called for 7 Miles on Saturday.

Woke up on Saturday and decided to attempt my first, real hotel gym workout. I am now officially obsessed with finding a nice treadmill to call my own. The gym was pretty small but had five nice, new treadmills, some weight machines and 3 or 4 elliptical machines. Unfortunately, I had some company the entire time I was in the gym (sweaty, grunting old dudes. Lucky me) but I just plugged in my music and turned it up as loud as my delicate ear drums would allow. I ended up fiddling with the machine for a while because apparently I am too stupid to figure out how to use fancy treadmills. Anyways, I walked the first five minutes at a snail's pace trying to figure the damn thing out, and then decided to just run on the manual setting. And guess what, the manual program kept resetting at 20 minutes. I did two 20 minute sessions and then called it sweaty quits after 40 minutes. According to fancy machine, I ran a little over 3 miles because of all the random walking and slowing down while trying to figure out how to configure the machine but still, it felt good to get in a workout even while on vacation. I was going to run the 7 miles on the treadmill but my shin was flaring up a bit so I decided to take it easy. Still, I'm proud of myself for not using vacation as an excuse to not exercise and get at least some training in. Also, I woke up with some beer and pizza from the night before that needed to be burned off. So... you know, the motivation, it's ten fold.

*pats self on back*


The Nike Training Club workouts are no. joke. My ass and thighs are still sore from Sunday's 45 minute session. I was a jumping, gyrating fool in the privacy of my own home. Thank the Lord, because no one wants to see that


Today's Run: Five Miles, Easy

I have never run in a monsoon, but I'm pretty sure I may have come close to that experience today. The first two miles were run in the dumping rain. I am pretty sure my wireless headphones may have shorted out because I was so.  so. wet. after five minutes. I was very tempted to turn around because I didn't want to damage my phone, which was tucked into my fanny pack fitness belt. Luckily, it petered out after mile 2 so I just kept motoring on.

However, I did find a benefit to running in the rainy weather. I am much more efficient and even a tad faster. It was still rather warm but the rain really helped keep me cool.

If sunshine is my kryptonite, then rain is my spinach. Call me POPEYE.

Can't wait for cooler running weather. It is right around the corner, peeps!

Today's splits.

Avg Pace

I would like to point out that Split 7 is an error. I started my watch again while I was trying to put it into the docking station. So, my avg pace was more like, 8:54. I realize it's on 3 seconds but those 3 seconds matter to me. Taking what I can get, people.


Nagging shin pain and random foot pain running the last 1.5 miles. Nothing too alarming and I am icing as I write this but I am getting a little irritated at always worrying that my body is going to break down on me. I don't know if it is my age or if I am pushing myself too hard during my workouts, but I would like to reach a stage in my fitness where I am healthy and strong, mentally and physically.

Damn, this would have been a lot easier had I started in my 20's.


Apologies, I am a boring blogger. I was re-reading my old blog the other day at work (what can I say, am essence of efficiency, multitasking and professionalism) and turns out, I was high-larious

Man, I miss those days...


That was the sound of my own horn, in case you were wondering.

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