Sunday, April 6, 2014

Is this thing on?

What happens to a "Training Blog" when you stop properly training...

*Chirp chirp*




I honestly cannot remember the last time I had the urge, or really, the need to blog about my weeks here. I made a pretty valiant attempt to get myself back in the running game a few weeks ago and then, 

I didn't. 

I just went back to check and see the date of my last post - March 10th. That feels like light years ago. I've still been running but mostly inconsistently;  my weekly mileage has swung from 25 to 12

I mean, 12... is actually the amount of miles I'm supposed to run today... in about an hour. And yes, it's 5:26 on a Sunday morning, in case you're wondering. 

So, I won't recap my runs from 3/10 until last week, since it would take effort for me to look back at my Garmin/IFit and record it all (usually it's done during the same week so I have them fresh in my mind. 

I've decided to just do my best up until May 4th, and then just see how the half goes. This is not going to be a goal race for me, mostly since I've stopped caring about it. I would like to say I am one of those people who generally uses running as a therapy and an escape from life, but right now it's become just another added stress among other unforeseeable and uncontrollable life events. 

So, this is what I've got so far

Morning weekday runs done at 5am instead of 4. Thanks to daylight savings, 4 am is no longer a viable option for me.. because I am not quite alive at this time of day. 

3/31: 4 Miles, outside. Phoebe Buffay style, 35+min (8:57 pace)
4/1: Rest
4/2: 6 Miles, TM. 52 min (8:45 pace)
4/3: 3 Miles, TM. 25+min (8:26 pace)
4/4: Rest
4/5: 4 Miles, TM. (34+Min. 8:36 pace)
4/6: 12 Miles, TBD... (EDITED: 12 Miles, Outside. 1:58. 9:51 pace)
       Slow and Steady.

Total weekly mileage: 29 miles


Running, I want to love you again. Will you take me back? Let's give it one more shot. But this time, let's take it slow. 

Real slow*... 

*pun perhaps intended

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  1. Word. On all of it. Though at least you ran twelve miles. I am going to DIE during my race.

    You still care it is just . . hard right now. It will come back when you are ready.