Thursday, August 14, 2014

So. It's August...


How'd we get here? 

Since the last time I posted (in July!!) :

I have run outside a handful of times

Started watching Orange is The New Black while on the treadmill

Watched the little one stand as a ring boy at my cousin's wedding

The big boy turned 8! 

Aaand now it's the middle of August. 


Where the time is going, I do not know. 

I've started attempting regular workouts, and I am already feeling a shift in my energy levels and mood. I am also trying this "new" meatless thing. I'm finding that I don't miss meat except for the idea of a juicy red robin burger (note: RR boca patty substituted in the bonzai burger is just NOT the same.). I've been more mindful of my protein intake and have so far been incorporating more salmon, shrimp and eggs into my diet. Carbs are back in the forms of whole grain wraps, brown rice, and English muffins but I won't turn down a bowl of delicious homemade regular pasta. Whole wheat pasta not allowed. Ever.

Now, workouts for August:

8/4: rest
8/5: 4 miles,  TM
8/6: 3 miles, TM
8/7: rest
8/8: rest
8/9: 6 miles, outside. 56+ min
8/10: rest
*TM runs: still using the heart rate monitor during the TM runs. So far so good. Will report back more findings soon.

8/9 info
Avg Pace

8/11: rest
8/12: 4 miles, TM
8:13: 5 miles, TM
8:14: 4 miles, TM 
8/15: rest
8/16: (planned) 6,7 miles
8/17: ? 

As you can see, the mileage isn't much but it is enough to start getting my head/body back in the game. Running for me has been a struggle this year. I even contemplating just giving up and calling it a wash but I know that these tough times are just like real life.

You pick yourself back up, and you keep going.

So. That is what I'm doing. 

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