Friday, March 6, 2015


Remember when this was a training blog? Hard to blog when you've not started any form of training. I just signed up for a 10k next weekend w a bunch of girlfriends. So that should be fun, right? I should probably also at least run a couple times before then... right?

Yeah, sure. Right.

So. Today is my last day at my old job. Come Monday, I'll walk to a different corporate building in my same company, and start a completely new job with all new people. I have been in the same division for 13 years this April.

It's basically the end of an era. 

Change is scary, and most people spend their lives in avoidance. Predictability is safe, and it is what people crave and thrive off of. It is the mantra in which we parent our young children, and we adults are not that far off from the same life criteria. We are naturally creatures of habit. 

Five days a week, I wake up at the same time every morning, go through my tried and true morning routine - shower, coffee, hair, makeup, clothes, grab my lunch, drive to the train station, commute to work. True scheduling clockwork. I don't even have to think about it anymore. I just... go.

To be honest, I've been ready to move on for quite some time. When I re-entered the work force almost five years ago, I had no idea I would end up staying there so long.  I went back to work because my husband was laid off, and as luck would have it, was hired right back into my old, comfy familiar job. Since then, the people and the job have evolved, and so have I. I definitely think I have overstayed my welcome, lounging in this comfy sofa of predictability and control. Hmm, where is that remote.

So, the opportunity to move on has presented itself to me, and so I take a leap of faith, open that new door, and I choose to walk in. Monday morning, I'll get up off that couch, smooth out the wrinkles, take a deep breath, and start new. 

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