Saturday, December 14, 2013

I just like to rest, resting's my favorite

12/2: Rest!
12/3: Rest!
12/4: Rest!
12/5: Rest!
12/6: Rest!
12/7: 5 Miles, TM.  44:03 (8:48 pace)
12/8: 5 Miles, TM. 42:22 (8:28 pace)

12/9: Rest
12/10: 5 Miles, TM. 42:52 (8:34 pace) - Evening run
12/10: Rest
12/11: Rest
12/12: Rest
12/13: 6 Miles, TM. 51:27  (8:34 pace)
12/14: 5 Miles or Rest ?


Look at all the Rests!


So.. what's everyone been doing?


Guess what?


After the half, my body I decided it was high time for a break.So that is exactly what I took. I thought I would struggle with not running, after months and months of consistent weeks of 25 miles +/-. I thought I'd gain a zillion pounds and lose all of my hard earned fitness and muscle. I thought I would be depressed and extra crazy from not being able to sweat out my anxieties and stress.


I got to sleep in until 5, which felt ridiculously luxurious after weeks of 4 a.m. wake ups in my frigid garage. My muscles felt rested, I felt lighter, slight less stressed and just... happy. Happy to be done training for a while. While I did have concerns that I would lose some fitness and motivation, I hopped on the treadmill on the first weekend post half, and felt great. My legs, they still work! Plus, I finally got to catch up on my shows.

I figured I"d start back with some morning workouts this week, but the temps have been so, so cold lately that I was easily able to talk myself into sleeping in. I did manage to squeeze an after work run into the week. but just once.

Weekends are the most ideal time for me to run, without the rush of trying to prepare for work, make lunches and run around like a crazy person. I had grand plans to run outside today but woke up late and did not feel like bundling up, so I jumped on the treadmill for 6 easy miles. I do miss running outside, so I'm going to try and hit the streets next week, at least once. I owe it to my lungs, and to my Garmin.

The last couple of weeks have been a very good lesson in appreciating and embracing the rest days. I am going to just enjoy what is left of 2013, and run/exercise to simply maintain fitness and sanity. I will reassess when we hit 2014, which is coming up faster than my burps after a gulp of sparkling water.

Besides, my body, much like my writing, is getting a little tired...


Off to watch ELF with the kids. They still laugh hysterically at all of the same parts, despite having seen this movie one million times.The best scene is where he drinks the 2 liter of coke and burps forever. I am actually slightly envious of that righteous burp.

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  1. Sparkle water burps, the best and most satisfying.