Friday, December 6, 2013

Seattle Half Marathon Recap. I paid a lot of money to run up that huge hill.

Half marathon #2 has come and gone

13.1 miles
2 hr 4 min

4 minutes off my goal time of 2 hours. I'm a little disappointed I didn't hit goal but still proud of my effort. I was seriously deflated at miles 8,9 but lit a mental fire under my ass for the last miles. I'm pretty sure that's what salvaged the race for me. If this training did anything for me, it was to help me finish strong. At least I can say I did that.

Race outfit. I probably should have closed the toilet lid.

Pre-race outfit. Fat boy sweats and an old Gap sweatshirt. Was planning on using those clothes as throw away clothes but at the last second, couldn’t bear to part with the sweats so I left them in the car.

The sweatshirt twas left on a table in the Seattle Center House and they were there when we went back after the race so we wore them home!  It all worked out in the end.

Who loves them some ugly Garmin splits?! I don't do!

Avg Pace

Apparently I ran a little further than 13.1? Hence the difference in overall pace - Garmin (9:23) Vs. Chip (9:32)


Thoughts/pace per mile:

Waiting for start: no corrals? Why are we behind the 2:30 pacer? I'm so cold. 

Mile 1:  9:01

Why are people walking? We've been running for 2 seconds. Everyone move pls.

Mile 2: 9:12

Hmm, two GU packets in my back shorts pocket means my pants feel like falling to my knees. Need to start sweating soon so my shorts can adhere to my body.

Also, missed water stop. Too small, only on one side of street. Eh...

Mile 3: 9:33. Stuck behind people. ANNOY!

I-90 express way entrance. Slight uphill. People. Do we need to walk in a horizontal line and block the people (me) who are trying to get away from the crowds?

Wow... This bridge is kind of long

Mile 4: 8:54

Tunnel! Much easier to run east on I-90 than west (RnR sea)

Another missed water stop. Too many people!

Another observation. So far I've seen plenty of Port O Potties, with long lines at all of them.

Mile 5: 9:26

Onto Lake Washington Blvd.
Smile at random cute old Asian couple. Feel like they are my kindred spirit grandparents cheering me on. And yes, it's only because they are Asian.

GU station at mile 5.5 but I take my own. Feel like it does nothing. Great.

See JB in my sights! He took off once we started. Run next to him in silence for a while.

Water at next station. Have to push through. Too crowded.

Mile 6: 9:02

Start to kind of feel in the groove, and simultaneous mild dread. We're starting to head uphill into the woods. 

Mile 7: 9:24

Slog slog. And then we're back out into LWBlvd.
Oh! And saw a group of oiselle ladies running in the opposite direction; gazelle like and sweat free. And smiling.

Sometimes life is not fair.

Mile 8: 10:38. UGH

Holy. Shit.

Mt Rainier... Aka Galer St.

At this rate my pace has slowed considerably. My legs.. They seem to not want to work. I see JB slowly but steadily motor his way up. Halfway up, I just decide I am pretty much running in place. So I do something I have NEVER done in any race.

I walk.

It is just enough to quell the feeling of wanting to die. 5, maybe 10 seconds? I see JB, smile weakly, shake my head, take a deep breath... And get going again.

After about 3 hours (exaggeration), we finally crest to the top of the hill.

Water station mile 8.5

And I see some of my favorite people!

Sam! Emily! Rachel! (Didn't see Rachel but couldn't leave her out. Actually, I've technically never met her). Girls are working feverishly to provide tiny cups of life, in water and Gatorade form. I scream in their faces, throw some water in the air (sorry to the girl next to me) and motor on.

Pretty much the best part of the race.

Mile 9: 9:49

I think we head into the arboretum?

After a slight downhill at the end of mile 8, it's back up through tree lined switchbacks which feel like we're on a never ending mountain road that leads to hell heaven. Exaggerating again. Feeling dramatic.

Take another GU out of desperation. Not sure if it does anything. At least my pockets are empty now. 

Please end, mile 9

Felt like I spent the majority of my race running miles 8,9. Makes no sense really and yet, totally does.

Miles 10: 9:51

When is this over? I'm never doing this again.

Mile 11: 9:37
The mile I had anticipated dreading but turns out to be almost enjoyable. It is a slight uphill that leads to the top of the I-5 overpass, which then is the downhill and beginning of the final mile point 1.

See cute old Asian couple again! Try to avoid eye contact, as I do not want to scare them with my seemingly stalkerish tendencies.

Mile 12: 9:03

I “fly” past a bunch of runners as I approach the bridge. Force my legs to speed up to motor down the ramp and onto republican. I see the straight shot down west to where the finish lies right around the corner.

Bonus, I smell someone’s crop dusting wonders during the last mile. It is not awesome but makes me run faster to escape the plume.

Play a game of "follow that lady" and am determined to keep up with, or pass, her. I slow slightly as I near the 13th mile and blond girl wearing stupid wings on her shoes passes me. At the corner of Mercer St, I see a lady sitting on the ground with a race volunteer. I found out later she had passed out with almost .2 left to go. Devastating, I'm sure.

FYI - Totally pass the "Follow that lady" lady.
Points for me.

Earlier, I also pass a lady wearing a sign that said "23 weeks pregnant"
Strangely, feel slightly less smug about this.

Also, When is this over? I'm never doing this again.

Mile 13! 8:51

Turn left onto Mercer. See Oiselle runner Sarah Chan and her cute doggie. Glide down mercer and then sloooog up as it inclined sharply at the end. So mean, Hate when races end that way.

Mile .1 (.29?): 8:37

Turn left into Memorial Stadium. Seriously, this race is NOT OVER YET?

Burst into the stadium and decide I can sprint at least the last. 005 if I have to. So I do.

Cross the finish line, get my medal and realize the sound I hear is a lady puking right next to me.

Seattle Half Marathon, I’m done with you.

Already planning for my next race....

(wrote most of this on my ghetto ass phone so sorry for typos and weird fonts etc... and for it being kind of extra boring)

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