Sunday, November 24, 2013

One week from today

11/18: Rest
11/19: Rest (UGH)
11/20: 5 Miles, TM. 43:48 (8:45 pace)
11/21: 4 Miles, TM. 35:36 (8:53 pace)
11/22: Rest (UGH!)
11/23: 6 Miles, outside. 51:47 (8:34 pace)
11:24: 5 Miles, TM. 44:05 (8:48 pace)



This week sucked donkey balls was weird. I accidentally skipped Tuesday's workout and then it threw off all my mojo for the rest of the week. Also, I was incredibly sore ALL. WEEK. from Sunday's NTC workout. My thighs felt broken. Not working. Defunct.


It didn't help matters that I was just really tired all week long. I could barely make it until 9pm on most nights, and even with all the sleep, I could not face getting out of bed in the mornings. Also, Friday morning I woke up to a bedside  pant-less, gagging 5 yr old. Stomach bug, anyone? Not my idea of morning fun. I took the vomitous moment as a sign to just give in and sleep in the extra hour until 5am.


Woke up to a frozen tundra on Saturday and almost talked myself out of an outdoor run.


It was to be most likely my last outdoor run before this Sunday's half, so I bundled up in tights, a half zip and a ridiculous head/ear band, and got myself motoring onto the streets, with the sun shining and the streets still shimmering with frost.

Look! My Fave!

Garmin Splits!

Avg Pace

Look. To never be proven wrong, my 2nd/3rd mile theory of slow poke running continues to ring true. The first three miles were tough, as my legs just felt heavy. I didn't eat much beforehand, which I realize now was not a great idea. Lots of coffee, a couple sips of water and.... oh wait, that's it.


The entire run was a mental game, and I kept telling myself to push and run as briskly as I could. I mean, it's only 6 miles, right? Mile 6... I've never seen that number before as mile pace, and I didn't feel like I was even going as fast as the previous miles but I remember thinking, for just one more mile, I could burn rubber until I felt like exploding. Which is exactly what I did.



One week from today.

13.1.. I'm coming for you..

Someone hold me...

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