Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Running hits me.. so hard. Makes me say, Oh Mah Lawd!

10/4: Rest
10/5: 6 Miles, TM. 53+min
10/6: 5 Miles, TM. 45+ min - Random Speed work thrown in.
10/7: Lazy ass Rest
10/8: 5 Miles, TM. 45+min
10/9: 11 Miles, Outside. 1hr40min
10/10: Rest


Last week of the double digit long run in the books!

Treadmill runs this week were average. Watched all 4 episodes of the current season of The Biggest Loser. It's amazing how time seems to pass just a tad bit faster when you're engrossed in a show. J got a new monitor and hooked up a computer in front of the treadmill so now I can watch my shows on a larger screen. Spoiled.

Also, for some godforsaken reason, I see a rogue mosquito taunting me every morning when I run. I end up clapping like a baby seal (while still running) until I kill that sumbitch with my bare hands, and then just wipe on my shirt and carry on with my slog. However, as Sam pointed out today, I am probably just spreading the eggs, which may explain the gremlin affect. Gross.

Speaking of gross, our new coworker started yesterday and he sits right next to my cubicle. I figure I'd try and be on my best behavior all week before letting loose my true personality, filled with burps, farts and random bits of biting sarcasm and venom.

I only lasted  a couple of hours.

I blame Sam, and I blame Bartell Drugs for selling Talking Rain sparkling water with lemon-lime essence. That madness escaped my lips before I could stop it! It was the bubbly bubbles! I just hope.... I hope B is hard of hearing...And lacks a sense of smell....


Saturday's Run:

Garmin Time.. can't touch this...

Avg Pace

Again, Mile 2? Can kiss my formerly flat Asian ass. WTF. I don't even know.

That aside, this was my fastest double digit long run to date. The weather was perfection - High 30's/ low 40's, no wind (*ahem* LAST WEEK *ahem*). I took a GU at mile 6 and had planned to stop at the water fountain around the same time but you know what? Apparently they turn off the water fountains in the winter.



After swallowing my Peanut Butter GU, I just relied on my lump of coal gum to keep my mouth moist. At this point, I was starting to feel the fatigue - My legs were tired, my arms were sore and I was THIRSTY.

Curse you, water-less fountains!

For the half, I have decided to take a back up GU in case I need an extra kick. I really started to feel the pain around mile 9. Staying at a brisk pace was tough at this point, but I kept telling myself to keep going. I figure if I want to get faster and stronger, it's going to hurt a little.. or a lot, depending on the day. :)

Last run in my pretty purple Mizuno Wave Riders. 450+ miles.

Time for my new black beauties.

11 Miles Done. Last double digit run before the half. This Saturday s 8 Miles. Is it weird that I am kind of relieved... and sad.. at the same time?

Half Marathon #2 - Three. Weeks. Away.

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