Sunday, November 17, 2013

I feel like we've done this before

11/11: Rest
11/12: 4 Miles, TM. 35:49 (8:56)
11/13: 5 Miles, TM. 45:10 (9:01)
11/14: Rest. OOPS.
11/15: Rest 5 Miles, TM. 43:41 (8:44)
11/16: 8 Miles, TM. 1:09 (8:37)
11/17: NTC, 45 min. Fast&Fierce. 1 Mile, TM. (8:33)


Anyone getting bored with these recaps yet? Yup, that's what I thought. It's like groundhog day. Run. Recap, blah blah.

And then we begin again.

I've been doing more speed work this time around since I didn't do any neglected that part of the training last time around, and I feel like it is making a difference. A small difference, but still...a difference.

J and I had grand plans to run outside on Saturday but we were running short on time and it looked windy (WIMP) and he had a few errands to run, so I decided to jump on the treaddie and start a new episode of Extreme Weight Loss.

Sadly, no Garmin splits for this week, but I've got this for you:

8 mi
0.5 ft
elevation gain
total time

My fastest 8 miles yet. Sure they were on a treadmill with little incline but STILL. I'll take it.


First week of runs in my pretty new shoes. They have yet to grace the road.

Taking pics of my shoes at work instead of....working.

Weekday treadmill runs still taking place at Dark O'Clock in the morning.


Clearly I've run out of interesting things to share with you this week.

Half marathon #2 - Two weeks away.

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