Sunday, May 18, 2014

So lame I can't even think of a proper title

4/28-5/3: Mad resting (Maybe I took taper week too seriously...?)
5/4: Tacoma City Half Marathon. (2:05..9:31 pace)

I don't want to talk about it... Not just yet.


5/5-5/16: Run-Rested Like A Boss

5/5: Rest
5/6: JM Ripped in 30. Level 1
5/7: Rest
5/8: Rest
5/9: JM Ripped in 30. Level 1
5/10: JM Ripped in 30. Level 1. 1 Mile, TM.
5/11: JM Ripped in 30. Level 1

5/12: JM Ripped in 30. Level 2
5/13: Rest. Family walk after dinner
5/14: JM Ripped in 30. Level 2
5/15: JM Ripped in 30. Level 2
5/16: JM Ripped in 30. Level 2
5/17: Run break, broken. 6 miles outside with D. 1:01. Easy and Enjoyable!
5/18: Rest


Wait... what's going on? It's been a while, I can't remember what I'm supposed to be doing here.






Not much has happened since the half. And by "not much", I mean, NOT MUCH RUNNING. This was my master plan, especially after a particularly sloggy Tacoma City Half. Give myself a run break, work on cleaning up my diet, strength training, and losing a few lbs in the process.

I'll write a full race recap in a bit but just thought I'd check in really quick to reassure you all (all 3, 4 of you?) that I have not yet given up on running, although the thought did cross my mind on May 4th specifically)

So, thing I owe you - a regular blog post, a race recap, and... that's a about it. Perhaps some sweaty race pics? That I can always guarantee.

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