Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Harry. We're THERE

9/27: Off
9/28: 4 miles
9/29: 4 miles with the kiddos
9/30: Off
10/1: Off
10/2: 8 miles, 9:12 pace
10/3: 4 miles, recovery with D.

Miles - 20
Rest - 3


Add one more person, and that's the three of us gals. We've trained for at least 20 weeks (more for H) and we've endured black toes, aches and pains, GI distress, and overall feeling tired to the f*cking bone.

But. We're almost there. This morning I received an email from the Portland Marathon, stating that we had FIVE DAYS LEFT.

19.5 weeks. 135 days. It's come down to this. Today is my last 3 mile run of this training cycle. Two more 2 milers, and I'll be ready for race day.

Last week was definitely Taper Week. I ended with 20 miles, and all were easy-ish runs. My Wednesday 4 miler was pretty extra slow thanks to my two running buddies, E and O. There were some slow, frustrating moments during that run, but I was pretty damn proud of my kids for gutting through it with me.

Saturday and Sunday's runs both felt harder than they really should have. I should have been rejoicing in only having to run 8 miles but the miles felt long and my legs felt like lead. My feeble hope is that my legs are feeling the taper slowdown, and will be ready to be bouncy and energized come race day. Please tell me this is truth. Please?

I'm carefully carbing up this week, mostly with rice and some starchy vegetables, and going to go easy on the salads and cruciferous veg the rest of the week. I'm also trying to ingest more turmeric (in my coffee, and in kombucha) in hopes to quell the inflammation and give my body a rest before I beat it to a pulp for 4+ hours. I'm not sure that's why it all works, but whatever I'm not a doctor!

Here's to race week, and the 5 day countdown.


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