Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 18. It's gettin real.

Week 18

9/19: 4 miles, TM. Pm
9/20:  5 miles, am w D
9/21: 4 miles, TM. Pm
9/22: Rest
9/23: Rest
9/24: 11 miles, mac
9/25: Rest


Miles: 24
Rest: 3
Strength: 0

This week was a little light on the miles but I'm totally okay with that. Two of my weekday runs were in the evening, which weren't as bad or annoying as I remembered it to be, and I think the endorphins helped me get through the rest of the evening without morphing into a complete lunatic. 

I met Macalla dark and early on Saturday morning for what I think was our last run together before the marathon! She's been  the best training partner, and we've definitely rejoiced, and suffered, through some miles through the last 18 weeks. Her lovely friend joined us for about half of our run, which made the first 5 miles fly by. The last 6 were a different story, as Mac's knee was acting up. We decided to slow it down, walk on the steep downhills which aggravated our knees, and cut the run short a mile. 

Now. Normally I would go home and add 1 mile to get to my 12 because I'm weirdly OCD about my mileage, but on Saturday I was totally okay with stopping when we needed to stop. At this point in training I know we can run all the miles, so there was no need to push through the pain. 

I'm excited/nervous for the taper, and I'm a little anxious for the race. I have a million thoughts jumbled in my head but am working on a check list for Marathon weekend, which should help organize things.

But let's be real, while I'm looking forward to rocking this marathon, I'm really planning on sleeping in so hard for all the rest of the weekends post race. 

So. This week. 

Taper time, like whoa.

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