Monday, September 19, 2016

3 weeks left. Like, whoa

Week 17

9/12: rest
9/13: 6 miles 
9/14: 4 miles
9/15: rest
9/16: rest
9/17: 20 miles 
9/18: rest


Miles: 30
Rest: 4!
Strength: 0!

17 weeks!

This is definitely the longest I have ever trained for anything. Those are also a lot of rest days up there. I honestly have been struggling the last few weeks to scrape up the motivation and energy to wake up early and treadmill it before work! I think my body is just craving more sleep, and it doesn't help that it is dark well up until I'm even dressed and ready for work. I'm bummed and a little mad at myself that I didn't take advantage of te summer mornings to run outside because how it's pitch black until 6:30, and just then a tiny bit of light starts to peek into the sky. 

My weekday runs were the usual- but both were evening runs, one with Dani and one on the treadmill. I thought about bagging the last 20 but decided to just suck it up and get in the miles for my last long long run before the race.

Mac and I planned to meet at the trailhead at 6:15 but we didn't get quite started until closer to 6:30. 

Did I mention it was dumping rain the entire time? Not even 4 miles into the run we could wring the water out of our shirts and my shorts formed suctioned diapers onto my meaty ham hock thighs. Also my top had formed a Saran Wrap like seal against my body, which I'm sure showcased my soft bagel like midsection. Who said runners aren't sexy? 

Me, that's who. 

We decided to mentally break up the run into 4 5 mile chunks, and I think this really helped us not dread all the upcoming miles. It was definitely one of the more eventful runs on the trail, as Mac saw a couple of snakes, an unknown creature scampering across the trail, and we passed droves of fisherman crazy enough to brave the elements and stand in the river to catch God knows what. We did get some comments from passing fisherman on our state of "crazy". Excuse me, fisherman, but I'd say all of us out there were pretty damn crazy. 

We also ran by a large electric gated fence where some emu-like animal resides. We got close enough for the animal to stare us down, which then resulted in a hilarious Kevin Hart convo:

By the turn around, we were feeling pretty good if not a tiny bit stiff. We were mindful this time around to stop as few times as possible, aside from stop lights and a couple impromptu bathroom breaks, to really get an accurate idea of our pacing. We also ran into a friend who was fitting in 18 miles for the day and he was able to run the last 7 for us. 

As usual, we scattered towards the last 3 miles, and I focused on keeping my form and finishing strong. I reluctantly took one last gu at mile 17, because I knew I needed to practice my race day fueling and strategy. Maybe that helped me finish pretty happily? Or maybe the runners endorphins took over and temporarily numbed the pain? In any case, we finished our second 20!

Now, time to cut back, rest up, and prepare for the longest run ever. 


First mile was accidentally 9:34. I don't know...

I walked in the door post run, and the kids gasped. I guess I looked a little wet? Also. My favorite socks have holes in the big toes. Why?! Need a new pair before race day!

I also just ordered new shoes but one model up from my current ones. Praying these are as good to me as my 18's

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