Monday, September 12, 2016

16. I can't count.

9/5: Rest
9/6: 8 miles
9/7: 4 miles
9/8: Rest
9/9: 4.76 miles
9/10: 11 miles
9/11: 4.26 miles


Miles: 32
Strength: Big fat zero
Rest: 2

Cutback week. I love that these are thrown in throughout the training but I think I definitely take too much liberties in these weeks. At this point, I've been training for 16 weeks. 4 GD months and I'm pretty over it. 

The kids' started school on Tuesday, and I take this day off every year and spend a day w JB. We go for a run, go out to lunch, and just lounge around until pick up, but this year I was on my own! 

I dropped off the kiddos, moseyed home, and set out for 8 easy-ish miles. I struggled through the last couple of miles and honestly didn't think I'd even make it through. I also managed 4 measly TM miles on Wednesday, but missed Thursdays wake up, so D so kindly met me at 5am (whoa so daark!!) on Friday to log a few miles. 

I'm also struggling with fitting in any cross training or strength. I'm still having a lot of issues w my elbow, and I really can't lift weights or attempt yoga. I can't even squeeze the dish sponge without pain shooting up my arm. Hmm, it might be time for some xrays. This gettin old shit sucks. 

This week's long was only 12, and initially I figured I'd try for 13 but Saturday was definitely one of those days where my head was NOT in the game, and my body was like, 

Oh girl. Helllll to the no.

Every mile felt like a struggle, and even the easier downhills were slog worthy. I spent every mile waiting for the next one, and the next one, instead of patiently keeping my mind present. I also took only one gel and a few chews, and ran out of water around mile 9. So thirsty. 

Oh! Did I mention I didn't start my run until close to 10? Who is not smart? 

Me! Me! *raises hands high in air*

Such a terrible idea, and I was served a swift punishment for taking my time in the morning. Yes, I slept in until 8:30 after a long night but still.... Some things just arent worth risking.  

To be honest, it wasn't as hot as some of my other runs, but it was warm enough to serve as a reminder to just get my ass up next time. 

I was this close to calling it good at miles 9, and then 10 but then made one last loop around the neighborhood to get to 11.  During this run k stopped about a zillion times and just stopped caring if I did or not. I wojld patiently wait at lights, hands on hips, watch paused, head down. 

At this point in the game, I know I can run 12 miles but on Saturday, I was throwing some sort of pre teen internal angst type fit, and just quit. I don't regret quitting because I think the last mile would have left a terrible taste in my mouth, but I was a little disappointed in how I felt the entire run. I felt like I didn't even get to enjoy the endorphins from the run; it was that disastrous. Womp.

And then the next morning, I unexpectedly started my period, which explained... A lot. 


Explains the fatigue, negative thinking, skewed body image. Ah what it is to be a woman. 

I'm hoping I can snap out of it this week because I guess we only have 4 weeks left until the race! I swear we had more time. 

Clearly I cannot count. 


I have no idea what happened to miles 6 and 7?!

Post long run. 
Beep beep! All aboard the struggle bus.

Boys greeting me with nerf guns, and requests for food. 

Long run split. Blah

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