Thursday, September 8, 2016

Shut Up We are so close

Week 15

8/29: Rest (camping!)
8/30: 7 miles
8/31: 4 miles, TM
9/1: 4 miles- 1 TM. 3 outside.
9/2: Off
9/3: 20 miles, boom
9/4: 5 miles, easy w D.


Miles: 40
Rest: 2
Strength: 1

Shit gettin real! I cannot believe the marathon is around the corner. I'm scared,yo. Scurred. 

I think the burnout hit me a few weeks ago and I've not quite been able to shake it but I also know that it'll be over soon. Ive really been dragging on my weekday runs, and have had to fit in a few evening runs instead of getting it done in the morning. I need to switch my mindset to excited anticipation instead of impending doom. 

Let me work on that one...

Last Saturday's 20 miles was... Uneventful? I mean, yes I ran 20 freaking miles but it was made much less painful with some good company as well as a surprise appearance of J on the trail towards the end of our run. We started out very nice and very slowly and then once we hit the halfway point and turned around to head back, I got a second wind yet again and found a little pep in my step. We did have to stop at a gas station for a water refill and some ibuprofen for Heidi's knee, but after we ran into J around mile 15, we spread out a bit more, and I ended up running the last 3 wth her. My goal was to try and push myself for the last miles and I ended mile 20 with a 8:28 pace, which felt very hard and very satisfying. 

20 miles. We did it! Now, we just need to add 6.2 more.

Sure thing. 

Post run. Everyone looking good except me. Ew, sorry 

Obligatory blurry watch photo

Splits. Well, as many as I can fit in the screenshot. 

New record! And of course, donuts.

And then later? A giant gas station burrito

We ended up school shopping for a few hours later in the day, which meant my only downtime of the day was taking a cat nap in the car. Probably not ideal, but at least I got this cute coat.

Don't worry, I will wear pants with it. 


Things I am looking forward to, post marathon:

Sleeping in
My pants fitting 
Less physical stress
Social life
Not having to bitch about marathon training 

Things I will miss: 

Running together wth M and H.
The satisfaction of running all the miles at once
The opportunity to bitch about marathon training

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