Monday, May 18, 2015

Sugar. Also, about those relay races I already paid to run...

May 9th : 5 miles easy. 10+ min pace.
May 10th: JM Ripped in 30, level 2
(New week)
May 11th: JM Ripped in 30, level 1
May 12th: Rest day. Quick yoga and planks before work. 
May 13th: 3 miles, TM.
May 14th: Rest.
May 15th: 6.5 miles, outside.
May 16th: JM Ripped in 30, level 2
May 17th: 3 Miles easy w D, 10 strength

Weekly totals:

Run: 3
Strength: 2
Rest: 2 

Remember this? Workout recaps? 


There. I just blew some dust off my keyboard. I am feeling pretty good from a week of mindful eating and trying to stay active. 

I have also cut waaaay back on the sugar. 

Sigh. Sugar. Like a bad ex-boyfriend. Keeps coming around tempting you when you know nothing good will come out of it. 

Actually, I ended up marrying the only real boyfriend I've ever had so what do I know.

Sorry. Let's focus. 

I love sugar, remember? We were talking about sugar. I know a lot about sugar.

Now, I don't mean I'm giving up all sugar because a lot of whole food have natural sugars, with which I am ok. I eat at least one apple daily, which can have up to 20g sugar. I am fiiine with that.  I am talking about the processed crap that I can't seem to turn down. 

Cake? Who said cake? Chocolate? Let me get my fork. 

Just like with cutting meat out of my diet, cutting out sugar and processed junk ultimately helps me make better choices through the day. 

Let's face it, my body is that of a 38 yr old, NOT a 28 yr old. I am much more sensitive and ... erm, delicate than I used to be and instead of fighting it, I need to learn to adapt. 

So, more consistent exercise and less cookies. 

The good thing is, once I get going, I truly do enjoy workout out and getting in a good sweat. I read somewhere that once you make it a part of your life, you don't try to fit it in, you just do it. I also love making run dates with friends, which is basically like multitasking because you're working up a sweat and catching up on life!

Sure, I am married, work full time, commute, have 3 growing kids and a busy schedule, but I can make this part of my day easily. No excuses, right?


Besides, the 1st of my two relay races this summer is less than a few weeks ago.

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