Monday, June 1, 2015

Good ending. Hopefully even better beginning.

Out with May. In with June.

May 18: 4 miles, TM. Hills and and speed intervals
May 19: Rest
May 20: JM, Ripped in 30 level 1. AM workout!
May 21: Rest
May 22: 4 miles; TM. Hills and speed intervals
May 23: Rest. camping. 
May 24: Rest

May 25: 5 miles, outside w D. Slow and steady. Walked up the hills because of D's injuries
May 26: JM 30 Day Shred, level 2 (AM workout)
May 27: 3 miles, TM. Intervals. (AM workout!)
May 28: Tone it Up HIIT workout (AM)
May 29:Rest
May 30: 6 miles, outside with D.
May 31: JM Ripped in 30, Level 2.

Lookit all the morning workouts, everyone!

Two weeks of workouts. Most days it's no more than about 30 minutes. I should probably give myself some more time to get in some longer workouts but since they're on the shorter end, I try my best to maximize my time. I work a little harder during the JM Michael's workouts, or incorporate speed and hills during my short treadmill runs. I'm usually pretty satisfyingly sweaty after these workouts and the endorphins carry me though a good portion of the day. 

As you can see from this week's workouts, I'm killing it in the morning workout sessions. It has been.... ages since I've last worked out in the mornings before work, but it's definitely worth the bleary eyed wake up calls at 4:00, 4:30 5:00. 

My running has been slow and I know this past year has done a number on my endurance, but I'm slowly and steadily doing my best to work my fitness level back up to par. 

I swear I say this every post. 

Going to spend the week preparing for the Rainier to Ruston Team Relay race. This year we are all running 3 legs each in preparation for Ragnar in July. I'm not sure why I keep signing up for these races, especially in the summer when running takes a backseat, but... I keep doing it. Must mean I like it at least a little bit... right?

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