Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Good Week

6/15: Boot camp w D. 5am
6/16: 4 miles, TM, AM workout. 37 min
6/17: Boot camp day 2. 5am
6/18: 6 miles, TM. Evening. 54+ min
6/19: Rest
6/20: 8 miles, TM. 1:13
6/21: Active rest. Walking all day at the *U.S. Open!


Run day: 3
Miles: 18*
Stength: 2
Rest: 2

After all of this time, I'm still trying to figure out what formula of cardio/strength/rest is working for me. Getting closer, I think. While all of my runs this week were on the treadmill, they felt really good. My two strength days were boot camp days w D, which of course were fun, fast, and effective. 

Sometimes I forget just how important it is to exercise our mental strength because I fought with myself to get those 8 miles in on the treadmill.

Like I have confessed before, constant movement on the treadmill is a problem of me. Water breaks are an excuse for me to step on the sides, and let me tell you, I drink a lot of water, if you know what I mean. Last week I decided enough was enough, and that I wasnt going to get any mentally or physically stronger by giving in whenever I felt tired, so last week's 6 miles was the first run in a while that I ran straight throughout  it sounds like a small feat that people do all the time right? Easier said than done, as with most things having to do with running. 

This past Saturday's run was especially challenging because it's the longest I've run on the treadmill since last November.

Yes, it's June. 

My run involved a lot of self talk and TV. Also peppered in towards the end of the run were demands for food from the kids, All of whom I had fed stacks of pancakes. Bottomless savages, those ones. 

I got through the 8 miles in about 1 hour 13 minutes, which is about a 9:13 avg pace.. I think? 

This is totally an estimate since my IFit is not currently connected. I I was sweating like a fat man at a weight watchers weigh in after this run! It was not the fasted run I've clocked on the treadmill but I felt so damn good to get through those 8 miles. Throughout the last half of the run, I really had to talk myself into staying on and getting to 8. I almost stopped at 4,5.6... and at 7....but knew deep down that I would obsess all day over not getting to 8, and disappointed in myself for not pushing through. I ended up watching the newest episodes of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss, which strangely always makes the time go by faster. I guess there is something to be said for suffering together. 

Oh, did I mention I talked my friend D info leading a boot camp for us, 2-3 mornings a week. Last week was our first two sessions, and it was so much fun. It's pretty early, especially for her, but 5am is really the very latest I can meet on workdays, so I'm extra thankful that she is willing to roll herself out of bed. She's lead some group exercise classes in the past so I knew she'd know what she was doing. She makes us do high reps of about 4-5 exercises, with 5 burpees with push-ups in between sets, and we usually have time for about two sets before I have to run home and jump in the shower. It's a short but intense season; and I'm love/hating the burpees. Burnnnn so goooood.

*J's Samsung watch clocked us at over 20,000 steps on Sunday, roughly 9.3 miles of walking!

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