Monday, June 15, 2015

New week (uh, last week)

6/8: Rest
6/9: Rest
6/10: Rest
6/11: JM, Ripped in 30 level 4
6/12: Popsugar Pilates and arms, 30 min total. So many squats!
6/13: 6 miles, TM. 55+ min.
6/14: 4 miles outside, 36+ min. Popsugar  arms, 5 min.

Week started off slow but I feel good about ending with some solid workouts.
I forgot to finish my relay post last week so I'm doubling up. 

Lucky you.
After the relay, the side of my left ankle felt really sore and tender so I decided to rest a couple of extra days.

That's not true, I was just really damn tired from the weekend.

Although, the part about my sore ankle was true. 

By Thursday I was feeling antsy for a good sweat, so I came home from work and immediately squeezed in a 30 minute session before dinner. 

JM Ripped level 4 felt not hard for about... 6 minutes. The next 24 minutes were spent heaving myself off the floor and wiping the sweat out of my eyeballs. 
All in all, a good workout.

In Friday I was feeling pretty flattened by the week so I was going to take it easy but then decided a short workout might make me feel better.

Pilates workouts are no joke. So much core work! Also, I have no core! I guess this means I should really be doing more of this right?

Saturday we all slept in and it was glorious! I can't remember the last time we have had zero weekend plans, and we took full advantage of the day. Since we woke up so late (10am *cough cough*) and it was already pretty warm, I opted for the treadmill. It was my first run in a week since the relay. 

Confession: I have a horribly bad habit of putting my feet on the side railings one too many times during my treadmill runs, and I think this has affected my mental game when running outside, so I was determined to have a continuous run of at least 4 miles. I wore my trust old pure flow 2's and just kept my legs moving and watched a brand new episode of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss. The miles seems to fly by and my legs felt strong. I ended with 6 miles in just under 56 minutes, which is a solid pace for me, especially of late. 

Sunday's 4 miles at 8am was supposed to be 6 but I was just tired and my legs felt heavy. I managed to get in 4 before calling it a day but it was still time on my feet outside in the morning sunshine so I'll take it! 

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