Monday, June 8, 2015

Rainier to Ruston relay weekend!

6/1: 3 miles, TM
6/2: Rest
6/3: 5 miles, TM (AM)
6/4: TIU HIIT and weights
6/6: Rainier to Ruston relay, 15 miles total
6/7: Rest

Miles: 23
Run days: 3
XT: 1 
Rest Days: 3

The weekend happened in a blur. I'm still sore from Saturday and my ankle is feeling a little tender but overall I'm feel okay about the weekend.

This recap probably won't be super exciting but here goes:

Leg 1: 8am, lovely 50 degrees
4.9 miles, slow pace, sub 10 min mile. Ran w Amber from Beast Runners team #2. 

Started at the base of Mt Rainier, and it was beautiful and clear at the start. Most of the miles were shaded, with rolling hills throughout. Amber and I chatted the entire way, and the running felt effortless because we were just letting ourselves take it easy. I never thought I'd enjoy running with friends so much! I was unfazed when we were done. Didn't even feel like we had run! However, the next two legs would make up for this. 

Dun dundun...

Leg 5: 4.6 miles, flat trail, some shade mostly blazing heat with no breeze. 75 degrees!

I was feeling pretty solid for the first 4 miles, with negative splits from 9:13 to 9:08. I wasn't going to push myself since it was so damn hot, but... then the wheels started to come loose. I hit 4 miles and was just... Tired. How sad is that. I used to run 4 miles at a much faster pace and barely break a sweat.

No, actually not true. I now break a sweat just cutting some vegetables. 

I tried to mentally push myself to keep going but then realized, there is no reason to kill myself over this. 

It. Was. Hot! I ended up taking a few walk breaks just to get my heart rate regulated, drank more water, and then sprinted the last .25 mile, mostly because this part of the trail was exposed and the people waiting for the next leg could see me. #poseralert

Leg 9: 3.7 miles
Last and shortest leg of the day! By this time of day it was 85 degrees and blazing. The run consisted of mostly flat trail, although the first mile was down a dirt road flanked by nothing but flat, dry fields. At this point my legs felt pretty heavy and despite guzzling water and running with a water bottle, I was starting to feel slightly dehydrated. Mile 1 was a slog fest and mile 2 was no better; but I figure I only had 1.7 miles left, and most of it was flat. 

Around the 2 mile mark, I found myself behind a group of girls running together, plus 2 individual runners scattered around us. I was diligently using the 3 girls to pace myself; when suddently we reached an intersection and we all just stopped. We didn't see any direction markers or any other runners around is, and so we all just decided to run over the bridge. Once we were on the other side of the river, we all realized that we were good and lost. The lone male runner stuck around for all of 3 minutes, and then in typical male fashion, continued on his way. The Wrong way, mind youL

I hope he found his way back.... 

We eventually used the phone of one of the gals to trace ourselves to the finishing location. Turns out we were on the WRONG side of the river. 

By this point I figured my team knew I was very lost, as they would have been waiting an extra 20-30 minutes. Either that or they figured I was reaaallly slow. Eventually we ran to a bridge that took us to the correct side of the river, and then I just slogged the last .7 miles to the finish.  My team was incredibly understanding and just happy for me to show up at the finish. I ended up running almost two extra miles from the detour, and was just happy to be back and to be done! 

Running 3 legs is blazing heat is definitely challenging but it was a much needed eye opener and practice run for Ragnar. We've got a month left and I've got some work to do!

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