Monday, July 6, 2015

Another week. Nothing to see here, really

Week 6/29

6/29: 5 miles, TM. 46 min. PM workout 
6/30: MC Fit workout, 2 rounds 
7/1: 5 miles, TM. 46 min. AM
7/2: Bootcamp w/ D. AM
7/3: Rest
7/4: 8 miles, TM. 1:15. Strength 10 min.
7/5: 15 min XT circuit

Miles: 18
Run days: 3
Rest days: 1
Strength/xt: 3

Ragnar is two weeks away! I haven't had much chance to run outdoors in the heat because it's just way. too. hot outside when I get home feel work. Maybe other people are badass enough to run in 90+ degree evening heat, but I am not one of those people. My 5 miles on the treadmill on Monday felt like a sauna run (sweater than hot yoga!) and my morning treadmill run on Wednesday didn't feel that much cooler. I figure while I'm not training much on actual roads and hills and terrain, I'm kind of heat training since I'm stuck in an airless garage without a fan. 

So much sweat, guys. Like the guy in the movie Airplane

I had hoped to break the 20 miles mark this week but I wasn't able to squeeze in two measly miles on Sunday. The most i had time for before church was a quick body weight circuit. 

Confession: I was still in pj's and was able to finish the workout without even putting on a bra. Sure, I guess I did have the time to run a quick 2 treadmill miles but would have required some support, I know this is foreign to anyone not a -A cup but sometimes I take the way easier route ok? 

I went out to dinner last night with a group of girlfriends, and a friend of mine was lamenting how right now she was the biggest she's ever been. She clarified that she knows she is not really "big" but big for her. Her clothes don't fit the same, and she is smaller chested so her shirts cling to the first thing that sticks out - her stomach! When she admitted this to me, I felt like I had found my kindred spirit of body struggles. I know I'm close to 40. I know they say your body changes incredibly around this time in your life. I'm ready to embrace 40 (I have a little time, don't you worry) but I'm not 100% with this new body of mine. Yes, I'm definitely more fit than I used to be, and i have some muscles hiding underneath here somewhere but I think I just have to come to accept that I, too, am just "the biggest I've ever been". 

I am sure some people reading this willwant to punch me through the computer screen, but this is MY struggle. I do expect anyone to really understand or empathize because I know I'm not actually big, or unhealthy. I am normal and healthy.

Who wouldnt wish for these things right?

Like I tell myself, and those around me, gotta love everything God gives us. I am thankful for this body, and I make it a priority to work out and sweat it out, because I can!

The mind and the body, always a work in progress.

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