Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ragnar Weekend - Some things

One year ago, I agreed to sign up on a team of 12 to run a 200-ish mile relay race. At the time of sign up, I had known most of these people for maybe 15 hours. Two days ago, 12 former strangers, now friends, stuffed into two Honda Minivans of 6 people each, and ran/drove our hearts out from Blaine to Langley. Never have I ever experienced something quite like a Ragnar Relay.

Van 1: Charlie and his angels 

Van 2: Team Captain and his posse

A few thoughts and things I've learned along the way.

Running is multi-dimensional. It is unifying, gratifying, satisfying, liberating. It is also frustrating, challenging, difficult, and maddening. Running teaches you to reach beyond your current, pre-defined boundaries, and expand your world. Running opens up possibilities to new people, new experiences, and new challenges.

Things I've learned this past weekend - 

Ragnar people are crazy... but they are also serious. Everyone just loves to run. 
There is no such thing as a "typical" Ragnarian - Young, old, big, small, thin, large, fast, slow, moderate.  It doesn't matter. If you run, you are a runner. PERIOD.

Ragnar official t-shirts run REAL small. Size up. Trust us.

People love drawing on cars with paint markers. 

I can only draw sticks and circles. And checks!

People love drawing dirty things on cars. So wrong.

Some talented artists have the ability to create.. flying fish.. out of said wrong objects.

The nicest person on your team will have the most roadkill, and proclaim herself a"murderer" - with a smile, of course

People have no problem sleeping on the ground in strange places. Like very fit homeless people.

Your feet, they will stink. A lot.

Runners stink. A lot.

You will chafe. A lot. 

You will gladly poop in porta-potties. Desperate times. 

You may not wash your hands with actual soap and water for an entire day. You will care/not care.

A hot shower in a random high school gymnasium will never feel better.

If you forget soap, shampoo will double up as body wash in a pinch. 

If your husband forgets his towel, you may need to shower first and then pass along a maybe very damp towel, and neither of you will think it's weird.

You will think your $8 spaghetti dinner is the best things you've ever eaten, even better than that steak at Asado. 

The spaghetti plate will come with the world's most delicious boxed yellow cake with chocolate frosting. You may ask your husband to go snag you an extra piece.

It is not easy but it is very satisfying, to be on the same Van team as your husband.

You will bicker a lot with said husband but then always get his back, especially when he needs a little extra help on his longest leg.

You might even suggest holding hands while running #notreal

Living on very little sleep and an overload of carbohydrates make for a deadly combo. #toot

Ibuprofen and ice packs will be your best friend. So will Tums.

Wait. No, deodorant will be your best friend. 

Lack of sleep, and night gear will make you act weird

Providing water to your fellow runners will be very important

It's ok to be grumpy sometimes. We all understand, especially when we go to the wrong exchange, and make a thirsty runner wait for ten minutes. Whoops.

Hint: This did not happen to the runner on the LEFT.
A picture of happier times, just for reference.

Free pizza and beer will never taste more amazing.

When the festivities are over, everyone will want to get home asap, and everyone will need to play nice.
Don't be a jerk, ok?

Ferry Line Cutters are jerks, and should be called out. And will be called out. Team 160, we're talking to you!

Most fellow Ragnarians are not jerks, and you will find yourself randomly chatting with groups of people about various things, and even sharing your leftover pizza with a very grateful stranger.

Running really does bring people together.

This community is pretty amazing.

You will accomplish more than you've ever thought possible.

Living in a van with 6 people for two days will basically make you a family. 

It only takes 30 hours with 12 people to make a lifetime of memories.

​Ragnar Northwest Passage 2015

Linda's legs:
1 - 5.7 miles.
2 - 4.5 miles.
3 - 3.1 miles.
4 - Extra 3.6-ish miles with J towards the end of his 8 mile 2nd leg.

Total miles: 17-ish miles DONE and DONE.

Team Beast Runners: 200-ish Miles!

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