Monday, August 3, 2015

2 weeks worth of updates. Aaand chaturanga!

7/20-7/27: Rest, Yoga, Stretching

7/27: Rest
7/28: Tone it Up HIIT workout. 
7/29: 4 miles, TM. Weights circuit. Lunch workout. (Worked from home)
7/30: ? Rest
7/31: Quick body weight workout
8/1: 6 miles. TM. Weights circuit. 
8/2: Circuit workout 

Run days: 2
Miles: 10
Rest: 2


I think post Ragnar blues is a real thing. It was over in a flash, and can't wait until next year. Also, I can't wait to a see my teammates in a week when we meet for a celebration dinner. We also have a 12 piece race medal puzzle to put together!

The week following the relay, I did absolutely no running. Instead, I let my body rest and just recover. I think I needed more time to recover from sleeping sitting up than running all the weekend miles. I incorporated a lot of yoga, stretching and headstands. The last one was just thrown in there to impress my kids. 

Last week I jumped back on the treadmill for some easy runs. Monday was a long day for me and a late night so I struggled to wake up for work the next morning. Luckily, by Wednesdsay I was feeling motivated to squeeze in a run. It's funny how 4 treadmill miles can feel like an eternity, but at the end I was glad to have stuck it out. I mean, aren't we always happy when we've finished a run?

I wasn't always in the mood to run this week, and I'm also committed to making my body stronger and more lean, so  I finally made myself follow a weights circuit plan on J's iPad app. The app breaks down each move with pictures and gifs, so it's a little less intimidating than usual. 

I wasn't able to run outside due to scheduling/childcare. Saturday's TM run was slow and steady. I wore a heart monitor for the first time in a long while and focused on keeping my HR in the 150's, low 160's. Even at a 10 min/mile (6.0 mph) in 0%, I hovered around 162ish. Towards the end, even while slowing down, my HR jumped to 170. I am going to try again to work on controlling my HR and my breathing. It's funny how much focus breathing while running takes. 

On days when I was feeling extra fatigued, I woul force myself to get moving, even if it was for 10-15 minutes.

1) Quick body weight workout

25 reps/3 sets

Jumping backs
Air squats

2) Circuit workout

25 reps/3 sets

Air squats
Push-ups (on toes)
Mountain climbers
Toe-ups w 10 lb medicine ball
Russian twists w 10 lb medicine ball

I ended with some sun salutations. Working on getting my elbows to stay as close to my sides as possible when I chaturanga. Hold.

The workouts sound easy but in my opinion, anything involving burpees is going to burn so good.
Burpees make me sweat! Swealfie mugshot. Shnoz!

Side bar, but is it possible for one 
to chaturanga

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