Monday, August 17, 2015

It only exists if you write it down

8/10: Rest
8/11: Rest
8/12: Circuit workout. 34 min
8/13: JM yoga meltdown, level 2. 25 min
8/14: 1000 rep body weight circuit, 56 min
8/15: 4 miles easy, TM. 38+ min
8/16: Rest

Miles: 4
XT days: 3 
Run days: 1
Rest: 3

I think I skipped last week? It wasn't much to write about. I ran about zero miles, and threw in some quick workouts here and there. Or maybe not? Hmm, really I can't remember much. I guess that is why I have to write it down, or else it doesn't exist. 

I started this week off pretty slowly, as you can see from my first two days. I was away at Suncadia for a wonderful women's retreat, which was very relaxing and rejuvenating, save for the 6,7 hours of total weekend sleep. Following the weekend; I was just ruined. It took me a full week to recover, only after two weekend mornings of sleeping in until 10, and 9, respectively. 

Yikes, sleeping in like a college student in the summer. That's me, only I'm no longer in college, 38 yrs old, and have 3 kids. At least they were kind enough to keep busy in the morning (read: watch tv).

I'm still not running as much, which my body is liking, and with which my mind is coping. I like my body much better when I cross train but there's nothing quite satisfying like a sweaty run. 

Amber shared a Pinterest work out on Friday, which I decided to try when I got home from work. After a long tiring week, the last thing I wanted to do was any kind of workout, but my girl inspired me to just pull it together and work it out in my room. 

My quads are still not recovered 

Yeah. Ow. Ow. Ow. 

I combined the last two sets just to get through it faster (50 reps of each) and just gritted my teeth and got it done. Thanks for the tip, Amber.

Burpees, you evil minx. I lovehate you. All 100 of you. 

I did modify half of the push-ups. I modified the v-ups too, alternating with crunches and reverse sit ups. By the end of the workout, I was dripping in sweat, and my legs were shaking. 

Saturday I wasn't sure of the plan, since I woke up to very sore legs. I decided to shake it on the treadmill for a mile and then switch to weights but ended up staying on for four easy miles. We spent the rest of the day out at Chambers Bay, attempting to capture "natural" photos.

Doesn't everyone just #stopdropandplank

Like gazelles

I had tentative plans to run with Angela on Sunday morning but my body was telling me to calm it down. I decided to sleep in and rest instead, and my body thanks me today. 

Hoping this week goes quickly! I had lovely relaxing weekend, and am looking forward to our annual camping trip with a big group of friends this coming weekend. After 4 years, I think we've got this group camping things down.

Keys to success: alcohol and sugar. 

Happy week, everyone!

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