Monday, August 31, 2015

End of summer, say it isn't so.

8/24: Camping 
8/25: Camping
8/26: Strength circuit, 20 min
8/27: Yoga and stretching, 10-15 min.
8/28: "Crossfit" circuit 1 - 3 miles TM
8/29: "Crossfit" circuit 2 - 1 mile, TM
8/30: Rest

I know I missed a week recap but I can't remember exactly what I did. I know I worked out 4 days but... That's about it. 

I notice a pattern with my weeks - they start out slow with 2, 3 lazy rest days but then by Wednesday, I am usually able to rally and squeeze in some exercise, which then motivates me for the following days. Normally I take it easy on Fridays (end of the work week, y'all!) but lately I am able to get in a solid sweat after work. We try not to schedule too much outside of the house on Fridays, since everyone is pretty beat by this point of the week, and also traffic anywhere is a beast on Friday afternoons/early evenings. There is no rush to start dinner, to get somewhere, to do all the things. It's quite nice. 

I didn't run much at all this week, but I incorporated some 400's into my "Crossfit" workouts. I use this word in quotations because I am not quite 100% sold on the Crossfit lifestyle but I do like the idea of mixing in heavier strength moves into my rotation. 

Here are my workouts, courtesy of two instagrammers I follow. 

Friday's workout: 

I started with 400 meters before each round, and after the last round I just stayed in the treadmill until I hit 3 miles. Sweaaaaty.

Saturday's workout. 

This one was sneaky tough. I subbed burpees for the push-ups (you know I love my burpees) and used a #25 weight for the kettle bell swings. I used lighter weights for the last sets but they were still so tough! This workout took me about 30 minutes, and I was dripping sweat when I was done. I contemplated running additional miles on the treadmill, but my quads were toast. #lunges

My focus lately has been strength building and muscle tone. Don't get me wrong, I love me some sweatastic cardio. There is nothing quite like a solid run. However, while I'm no expert in.. well, anything... in my observation and  experience, cardio can only do so much. As I near 40, I think my body is telling me to strength train and build those muscles!  I want to be fit and physically and mentally strong as I get older. My mom is 66, very thin and muscle-less. She gets winded walking through the grocery store. While I do miss being #skinnyfat, I am slowly learning to appreciate a couple extra lbs life has brought me in the last few years. It's taken me a long time to embrace this, and truthfully there are days I still struggle. This struggle is straight real. 


Camping was so much fun. This is the 4th year we've done a big family camping trip, and this time was the best so far. Both kids and adults - all 37 of us! - relaxed and just enjoyed being partially (yes we had cell service and electricity. Go ahead and judge) detached from life. 

I was up early this morning at 4:30am to squeeze in a quick morning workout.

Did the DB snatches and the push-press with #15 weights, because... you know. WEAK.
Warmed up with high kicks and jumping jacks. Bleary eyed and in pj's. 

Gone are the days of sleeping close to midnight and struggling to wake up at 5am. I need to get back on the early bedtime train. I slept last night at 9:30 and so far today I feel fantastic. 

School starts a week from tomorrow, so soon it'll be 

Back to life šŸŽ¶
Back to reality 

Sing it with me

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