Friday, September 4, 2015

Just another week

8/31: Weights/TM 20 min.
9/1:  Weights/TM 30 min.
9/2: TM/ weights 40 min..
9/3: Off/Rest. Sick at home. Boo.
9/4: Rest. Sick at home. 
9/5: Weights/ TM 30+ min.
9/6: 4 miles, TM. 37+min


Last week, I lamented how I start the week slow but then ramp up towards the end to get in my workouts. Well. This week started off a little differently. I started Monday early with a weights workout, and was able to get it done Tuesday and Wednesday as well. Wednesday night I started to feel a little achey and chilled after my workout, and figured I had maybe pushed myself too hard after a long and tiring day, but nope! Thursday and Friday I woke up feeling sweaty, cold, and my body was aching. I worked from home both days, with a cup of tea in hand and a heating pad on my lap. Being sick blows, and when I am taken down hard by a cold or flu, I am just reminded how important it is to take care of myself, eat well, sleep enough, and get my flu shot! Hoping the worst is past me, and that I can take the weekend to recover. Of course, on a long holiday weekend, I'm home sick, in sweatpants of course. 

Workout details: 
8/31: 5 rounds
10 DB snatches (each arm) #15
10 DB push press #15

10 burpees

9/1: #35 barbell. Because. Again... Weaaaak

So far I'm really loving these shorter, intense workouts. I think the treadmill runs up the sweat factor but even after Monday's workout I was sweating like a hog. 

2 miles, TM
5 rounds
10 power cleans #40 
10 push press #40
10 burpees
1 mile, TM

Used #15 DB

Ended the week with treadmill miles. I'm itching to get some more time out on the roads. We will see how this week fares. Embracing the cooler, darker mornings already.

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