Monday, September 21, 2015

Week before Week One

9/14: Strength
9/15: 4 miles. TM
9/16: TM/strength
9/17:  Yoga, vinyasa flow 1 hr
9/18: Rest
9/19: Strength 35 min
9/20: Strength 25 min


Nothing too exciting. Got in 4 measly miles and then decided to take a run break for the rest of the week. 

I really wanted to run at least 6 miles Saturday but the back of my knee and my hamstring was strangely tender after Tuesday,  so I decided not to run for the rest of the week, and to also limit my squatting. Yoga helped to stretch out my legs but I was still feeling slightly achy. Luckily I was still able fit in a great workout on Saturday morning. I'm pleased that I decided to open my types of training to things other than running, and I'm definitely starting to feel the benefits of incorporating variety into my routine. Plus, it helps me from getting bored and so both my mind and body benefit. 

Here are a couple workout recaps:

9/19 workout 

5 rounds
10 DB snatches #20 (each side)
10 clean and press #50
10 burpees

Oohweeee sweaty!

Resting my hamstring. Need new shoes!A

9/20: Last minute workout, 25 min. 

Woke up and was busy trying to tackle laundry and make my daughter a traditional birthday breakfast of Korean seaweed soup. 

However, we had a couple hours of time between church and dinner out with my family, so I treated the kids to some tv time so. I could squeeze in a workout. I didn't want to run in the treadmill and get super sweaty, since I didn't have time for a shower before leaving, so I just basically made up this workout. 

4 rounds 

10 overheard pulls. Not sure of weight.       Just what was on the machine.
10 push press, #45
10 bent rows #15 each
10 goblet squats #20

1 round - same exercises, 15 reps each

5 rounds total. 

It was a quick workout but I was still glad to fit something in. 

10 Half Marathon training doesn't technically start for another week, so I'm just going to keep mixing it up this week until then. 

I am certain no one really reads this but that's ok! I just like writing down my weekly updates. It helps to look back and see where I am/was/want to be. 

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