Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I work out.

9/7: 4 miles, walk. Squats and burpees
9/8: 6 miles. Outside 58+ min. Slog city
9/9: Strength - 25 min. 
9/10: Strength/TM. 35 min
9/11: Rest
9/12: Strength, 35 min.
9/13: 4 miles - 2 slow miles w D. 2 miles walking, hills 


5 rounds 

5 back squats
10 hang cleans
10 push press
10 single arm barbell row (each arm)

Ended w 10 burpees


Strength. 25 min
400m treadmill, 
3 rounds 

10 goblet squats - #20
10 reserve grip pulldowns
10 barbell rows 
10 bent knee deadlifts (hard . so hard!)
10 weighted lunges (each leg) 

800m treadmill - total of 1 mi. 



5 rounds:

10 DB cleans, #20, each arm
10 squat and press
10 burpees

I thought Friday night would be the genius opportunity to clean out part of the garage, which then turned into the purge of the century. So, currently my garage is in disarray, which means the treadmill is folded up against the wall and thus out of commission. The elliptical is blocked by boxes, so there goes my home cardio options. However, J left just enough room for the weight machine and free weights, so I was able to at least get in a pretty sweaty working on Saturday. Who knew weight lifting could make the sweat drip off your nose? This week's workouts left me with pretty sore legs, so despite the lack of cardio, I felt pretty good! Ended w some light running/walking, plus some girl catch up time on Sunday to round out the week.

A strange thing happened on Tuesday. It was the first day of school for the kids, and every year I take this day off. I didn't wake up early enough to run, but found that I had some time in the afternoon right after the kids were out of school. Now, in the last couple of years I've definitely become a morning runner but I do think it is good to mix it up and adapt to changes, so what better way than to run in the humid afternoon sun? Hmm. My not favorite. 

I struggled through six slow miles, and ended up stopping a few (million) times during the last two miles. However, the oddest phenomenon occurred in the hour I was out there - I didn't hate it. Usually during a tough run, I just loathe the moment, the mere act of running, attempting to be a runner. I have crazy and irrational "I should just give up running" thoughts, and just feel pretty discouraged by my slogginess (totally a word). But! But!  On Tuesday, I just felt happy to be out on the roads, pounding the pavement. Just shows how much of our struggle is mental. Although, don't get me wrong, physically it is always still pretty difficult. Puff huff.

Half marathon training starts next week!

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