Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Last week. Lift more, Run less. My new shoes are pretty!

9/21: 3 miles, treadmill
9/22: Strength/2 mile TM
9/24: Rest
9/25: Rest
9:26: 5 miles. TM. 48:47. Strength 
9/27: Strength
See below for workout specifics: 

5 rounds 
5 reps-
Added .75 miles to hit 2 miles total. 30 min workout 

3 rounds

21 kb swings
12 burpees

Then. 12-9-12
Hang cleans

9/26: 5 miles. 
5 rounds
5 power cleans
5 front squats
5 push press

5 rounds
10 DB cleans #20
10 squat and press
10 burpees

Not a ton of running his week. My pretty new shoes came in on Friday so I got a short 5 mile run in on Saturday. Hoping to take these out for a spin this weekend, but I've been coughing and congested since Sunday, so I'm contemplating keeping it indoors. 

Monday was officially training day 1 for this cycle. Goal race is the Seattle Half Marathon, from which I hold my half PR of 2 hrs on a dot. Looking back, I definitely think I could have gone sub 2, but I was pretty conservative in the first half. Overall, I was pretty pleased with my performance, but am hoping for improvement this time around. 

Another goal, after this race, is to continue consistent training through 2016. Running tends to fall to the wayside after December, but I'm determined to keep it a constant in my life. Running and weights. Let's go. 

Also, trying to really cut back on the sugar. Damn you, Costco bag of dark chocolate covered pretzel thins.

So. Lookit mah pretty shewz!

I paid $5 more for the purple color combo. Totally worth it. 

*Tuesday and Sundays workouts courtesy of The Blonde Ponytail

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