Friday, July 10, 2015

Harry, we're (almost) there! And I'm clumsy

7/6: 4 miles, TM. 37 min. PM
7/7: Bootcamp. 25 min. 
7/8: Strength/Weights. 20 min
7/9: Rest
7/10: Rest
7/11: Rest
7/12: Rest


Miles: 4
Strength: 2
Run days: 1 
Rest: 4

Well. This week looks different, right? 

 Started the week off strong at least. I wanted to squeeze in a couple more miles but dinner (and the family) were all waiting for me so I stopped at 4 sweaty miles. 

After a vacation related hiatus by D,  we met at 5 for Bootcamp. I think we were both very tired still because our workout felt both very difficult but at a sub par effort level. 

Now here's where it gets stupid interesting. After finishing my workout, I was running up the stairs to jump in the shower when I somehow missed a step and my ankle twisted at a very odd, cringeworthy angle. I spent the next few minutes writhing in pain and cursing .. Everything? Nothing? I was able to hobble up the rest of the stairs on my knees and reluctantly got ready for work.


It's now Tuesday before Ragnar, and my ankle is definitely sore. I have been mindful to not bear too much weight on my left (injured) side, and I've not run since last Minday. I'm getting more nervous that I won't be able ton finish all 3 of my legs. I am clearly not planning on breaking any speed PRs this weekend but I was certainly hoping to maintain an even pace for the team. 

But, I can only do so much given the current circumstances. I'm pissed at myself for being so clumsy, but I guess that's why they call these things accidents. I'll spend the next couple of days nursing my ankle, and I can just hope for the best. 

Wishes for a speedy recovery!

Also, Ragnar in 3 days!
Holy sh..

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