Monday, October 12, 2015

Freshly birthed at week 2

10/5:  5 miles, TM. 47:27
10/6:  5 miles. TM/ 48? 
            Million stops. Just tired 
10/7:   30 minutes. Strength circuit 
10/8:   Rest 
10/9:   Rest
10/10: 6 miles, TM. 58 min. 
             (Plan 8 miles outside)
10/11: 4.5 miles recovery w D. 
            15 min strength

I hit 20 miles for the week. I don't think I've done this in a very long time. I can only (need to) go up from here!

Last week was not spectacular, as I was still suffering from the last dregs of sickness from the previous week. Cough cough hack. 

Monday's treadmill run was fine, if a little slow. Tuesday's was downright painful and sloggy, with many stops peppered between the miles. I really couldn't find my groove and I was just so very tired. It's pretty amazing/annoying how your body reacts accordingly due to the different phases of the month. 

Wednesday was strength, and just... 


It was a solid workout that was sneaky tough and did i certainly feel it afterwards. I am pretty sure this was the first time doing deadlifts correctly, because my glutes and quads were screaming. Post workout, I struggled walking down the stairs. I felt like a baby calf. 


Here's a peek at the workout. Seems simple, right? No. I was basically crippled and hobbling for two days. #hurtssogood

Needless to say, Thursday and Friday were rest/recovery days. We had a pretty packed weekend so I had planned to wake up early and get out the door for 8 miles but by the time I waited for the sun to rise, I didn't have enough time, so I jumped on the treadmill for 6 ugly miles. Between having my period and still sore legs from Wednesday, I just struggled. I threw in some incline work and a few speed bursts in the last two miles, which helped the miles go by faster until the end. 

Sunday's easy 4.5 miles were timed but accidentally not logged with miles or pace. I am not sure what I did to my Garmin but my watch failed to read or report any of the fun info! Regardless, it was nice to get out with D and just catch up for a bit. I threw in a few bicep and shoulder moves with 10 lb weights and then did some abs and called the week good. 

I miscounted the weeks on my training calendar and it turns out I have a week less than originally anticipated. So, skipping week 3 on the calendar and moving to week 4. Today calls for a rest day, and I'll take it. #mondays

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